Play a nice game of SPORTS with your friends! 

Made for LDJam 41 - Combine two incompatible genres. Multiplayer and gamepad support added later.

6/23/2018 - v1.5
Added Gamepad and Multiplayer support! Tested with two wireless XB1, one wired XB360, and one Keyboard. Theoretically, 8 players can play!
Chrome has troubles detecting more than one gamepad. Edge and FireFox are much better at this.
Version 1.5 also includes hitbox and damage updates to improve flails and lances.


  • WASD/arrows - Move
  • E/Shift - Switch character
  • Space - Attack
  • P - Pause/Skip Cutscene

Gamepad (Xbox) controls:

  • Left stick/D-pad - Move
  • Shoulders - Switch character
  • A - Attack
  • B - Cancel
  • Start - Pause/Skip Cutscene

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GenreSports, Action
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Ludum Dare 41, Singleplayer
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