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Is it possible to link android and steam accounts?


can you make a version of pc without the hats pls

How can you get the plague doctor hat in this game

Paying for hats on Android or downloading the PC version with all the hats (some of them disappear with a certain amount of time, like Halloween ones)

I play the game on my S10, however I cannot play it unless I am connected to wifi. It is the only game I have this issue with. I have checked all of my settings and permissions,  but still a no go. Any advice?

Did you know that this game is online?

I do. My question is more about why it won't run using my phones data and only works with wifi. 

I understand... it may be because the game consumes enough of the wifi to be able to work properly, and if it were to use it with the phone's own data, there would be no way to play for a long time. Anyway, I think it should be optional

My son is able to play the game without being connected to wifi on his S9 whenever/wherever.

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I think this is possible by playing in local mode, so everyone nearby can play

I cant download the windows version for some reason, it says it's not available and on the files available it only shows the android version

If you have not paid for the Windows version it is not available

yeah, it does that for me to

i paid 5 bux and it is still not letting me download it.

Sorry, that's all I know like I play on Android, but you could look for a tutorial to see if you did everything correctly

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Please remove this bug (or no, if it is not a bug)

If you join any room, leave the room and fastly click the button to enter in a Private Room you will back to the room you leaved.

we need chinese,please

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I came to report a very strange bug, which I don't know if it was influenced by a hacker... but well, I was playing normally as a crew member in a match of just one imposter, and out of nowhere I became an imposter, but the waiting time to kill froze at 10 seconds, and I was an imposter only during the game, not at the time of the meeting

Why is the game free for andriod but costs 5$ for pc/windows?

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It's because the PC version has extra features available, like hats and costumes (I don't know if pets too) and on Android you have to pay to have these full features

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Then why not make a pc version without the hats and stuff?

There are already some requests for this to be done, just enough the developers may be able to release a free version with limited features like Android and IOS. I think they did it because they still need to have a steady income to keep updating the game (although they said they won't add more maps), but this is something that can be done in the future


Connection issues are occurring again

I know its my internet bit the game shouldnt ban me from playing

So basically when i get a network error the game bans me from playing cause i accidently left the game due to network error but the game thinks im actually hitting the leave button.

I have problems !!!

When I open the game (on the PC) the screen is transparent, and apart from that I hear the button sounds and everything works fine, but I don't understand why the game screen is transparent, I can't play at all  :/

Tenho problemas!!!

Quando abro o jogo (no pc) a tela fica transparente, e fora isso eu escuto os sons dos botões e tudo funciona bem, mas não entendo por que a tela do jogo  fica transparente, eu não consigo jogar de forma alguma  :/


I'm playing among us and i really like it but i have a problem. Sometimes my keyboard doesnt show up and its really annoying. I checked everything about my keyboards and everything is fine. I have no problems with other apps. Phone: tesla(serbian company) 6.3 .thanks


I have this same problem


Yeah its really annoying everyone vote for me because i'm too mysterious

This month will not have updates?

Idk, I don't think so...


the game is pretty entertaining itself! its really enjoyable for game nights I like to do with my friends on Discord or just to play when im bored c: I think it would be pretty nice to release the game for windows for free without the hats, but its not that big of a deal to me since I just play it on my phone for free 

can u make a free pc version but without all hats


where can i get the pc download it keep dragging me to an android download


Did you make sure you paid for the pc version?

i cant open up this game as i dont know what program to open it it with.
whenever i download it, it just replies with "unable to open" Among Us "please select a program to open with".
or something like that but i dont know how to open it



New version YAAAAY


Unfortunately this is happening to me again

P.D: No ping problem...

Yeah, the very players disconnect in the rounds

Português: Sim eu vi isso, vários jogadores são disconectados nas rodadas >:(


Whenever I get into the game, it disconnects, saying that I disconnected from the server (but I don't, my internet is good), and right after that happens a few times, the game says I can't enter any room for few minutes "by intentional disconnection".

Please tell me what I can do. This happened so many times now that I can't connect for 120 minutes, and only increases each time!

(Translated by Google Translator from Portuguese to English. Original text below)


Sempre que eu entro no jogo, ele desconecta, dizendo que eu me desconectei do servidor (mas eu não o faço, minha internet é boa), e logo após isso acontecer algumas vezes, o jogo diz que eu não posso entrar em nenhuma sala por alguns minutos "por desconexão intencional". 

Por favor, me digam o que eu posso fazer. Isto aconteceu tanas veze que agora eu não posso me conectar por 120 minutos, e só aumenta a cada vez!


Tenho problemas!!!

Quando abro o jogo (no pc) a tela fica transparente, e fora isso eu escuto os sons dos botões e tudo funciona bem, mas não entendo por que a tela do jogo  fica transparente, eu não consigo jogar de forma alguma  :/

O meu pc da o mesmo bug que o seu

puts mano, pior que não descobri até agora como resolver...

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Please can I have a Mira map I want test the map


I swear is the best game ever i really really love it (I play it in Android)

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Por algum motivo o jogo tem uma dificuldade absurda para abrir no meu pc, e toda hora problemas de "crashs". Isso me desmotiva a ter comprado.

como baixar para windows?

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You must pay at least the minimum amount required to access the Windows version


I found the Halloween decorations practically amazing, thank you so much for this Innersloth!

I'm sure this year's Halloween will be unforgettable


Também fiquei impressionado, eu pensei que era algum mod seila, kkkk você realmente gostou


Yes! 😁 I loved it!!!

Deleted 122 days ago

O bug ja parou

Quando abro o jogo (no pc) a tela fica transparente, e fora isso eu escuto os sons dos botões e tudo funciona bem, mas não entendo por que a tela do jogo  fica transparente, eu não consigo jogar de forma alguma  :/

seila então

Eu preciso de ajuda!

Toda vez que eu vou jogar uma partida, alguns  segundos depois que eu entro em uma sala ou começo uma partida, o jogo cai, e depois desse processo se repetir algumas vezes, diz que eu não posso jogar por "desconexão INTENCIONAL"...

Por favor, gosto muito desse jogo, depois da atualização de halloween isso só piorou :(

(Versão 2019.10.10s - para PC)

Isso acontece com quem usa hack, se você usasse hack e fosse bannido por usar hack, você será desconectado por mais de 10.000 minutos, no seu caso o jogo provavelmente pensou que você usa hack.


shit game

What a down offence your boring, you don't know innersloth yet have to sort out against hacks and upgrade the game for the best (despite the upgrades take bad) but it tries to improve, so it's good to learn how to appreciate that game.

stfu innersloth cant stop all of us from hacking. I love to hack this game

¬_¬ And I didn’t even say to you stop, you follow your life

IOS & Android: Different game versions.

Why do IOS and Android have different game versions? I can't play with my friends in Local Mode since then. How disturbing!


Da uma força lá glr

?? Isso era para ser engraçado?


I can not take it anymore

Hackers are increasingly ruining the game

Too bad he's so vulnerable, because even though the Innersloth team is working against hackers, they always have something new and can cheat the game code

I wish everything was as it was before... if it is possible...

I miss Among Us of old


I love hacking cause its fun and yes i made a hack for this game. Why people dont like hackers i like to kill everyone in one sec




Well, I don't want to offend you or anyone... I didn't come here to do that... but our opinions are quite different. I know I'm not the only one who prefers normal game as it always has been, but either way, I respect the way you think, yet for me things were better a few months ago


Thx and i hack this game because i want to show how easy is to hack it and to show to innersloth to make security better. Now all players can cheat but if innersloth will create a good anti cheat i will stop and i will play normal games

Hmm what a good answer to deviate but acceptable, never learn how to not use hack equal to me, alias use hack is like contribute to global warming, only virtual and contribute to hack

global warming poses no real threat. get good.

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