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I noticed another bug:While I was giving a look at the store of the game, I went out and went to look at the chat...

hello inner, I'm going to propose a challenge to you, doubt you can ban a hacker named MrLuke It has a youtube channel for ease. Tips = Make the game folder safer, try encrypting the game folder :)

olá inner, eu vou propor um desafio para vocês, dúvido que vocês consiguam banir um hacker chamado MrLuke. Ele tem um canal de youtube para facilitar. Dicas = Deixe mais seguro a pasta do jogo, tente criptografar a pasta do jogo :

So you are telling me that i am 146807 minutes without playing because i acidentally close my computer and disconnected the game?!!!! WHY DONT JUST 5 MINUTES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANT TO PLAY MY GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


pode-se ser hack ou bug bizarro ou raro



tem algo errado nesse jogo, ele fica sempre forçando qualquer um a sair

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Something is going wrong since the last update on the Play Store: the game will only be normal the first time you play it and the game's audio settings will be reseted to zero. Actually, I really liked the new free hats, but I'm having trouble getting into the servers again, I don't know if it's because the update was released recently, if it is, I'm sorry

nem sabia q tinha atualização disso, parece q todo mundo odiou i ksksksksks

Alguém que tenha comprado ele por esse site, ele chegou mesmo ? E sabe dizer se esse site é oficial ?

Anyone who bought it for this site, did he really come? And can you tell if this site is reliable?

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Yes, this site is the official game (for, and I do not understand these things well, because I download here and to this day I did not make purchases in the game, but you could try for Steam, I see the purchase of the map be held most of the time over there

Aah, ok ... I saw the new map there on Steam but there you have to pay several things (very expensive), this site is much cheaper...


Hmm, maybe you could send them an email. Sorry, but that was all I knew, because I play on mobile devices and have not yet made in-game purchases. You may be more lucky to email them if they don't answer you here


Oh, Thanks! I will try this.

I really want it! but i have linux so I can play :(

plz make it on linux!!!

vc não tem android não? sabe que dá pra android.

When is the next free weekend of the new map? 🤔

There must be connection problems in the game because every game I go in, the players always fall and we are going nowhere but to the warning that most crewmates have disconnected

I sent an email to the developers, although I don't know if I did it right, I think there is no need to keep this particular subject, I was just trying not to flood the page, because I usually comment a lot. And I sent them an email asking them to try to find out if people who use the hack also used the same to know who the impostor is, because a few months ago I already saw it happen, and this hack is not from long ago

Tive ideia, se vc olhasse minhas mensagens ja q vc fala ingles, vc traduzisse no ingles? boa ideia?

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Yes, it can be, if I understand you well you mean I translate your messages into English... right? To tell you the truth, I'm finding this very fun, but ok


Innersloth What will be the upcoming updates from Among Us?

Dude I used to hack, I have the hack link from among us hack MRluke V4.0 version that has already been released and I downloaded, but it will not help the guys who use this hack and others, because in this hack you automatically talk to the text blue there is banned easily. I still use hack, because if I put the original game to .dll, it will ban me for more than 10,000 minutes because in the other non MRluke hack, it had "detonate live" SHH appear as many times as I want, and that affected my among us, that's why I use that non MRluke hack because it has anti-ban like MRluke.
If you understand what I said, you can answer yes, I'm Portuguese using Google Translate.

Deleted post

Little glitch, no need to complain, not a BIG MISTAKE.

Puxa não consigo entrar no discord do hack, me banniram ;-;, como vou mostrar segredos dele

So they found out, but don't worry, the information we gave has already helped a lot

a vc entende português? então vou falar português

Yes, I speak Portuguese 😁, I only speak English in order for other people to do not need to strive to understand what I say, as well as there are other places in which I can speak only in English

In the Discord group I join, they were saying that the "Mr. Luke" server had been hacked by some Americans, I just don't know if it's true... most likely not

gente boa :)

Another thing I forgot to say, sometimes I can't do the Upper Engine task, and because of that you can't win for tasks

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I am happy to say that we can play normally again, and as always, I will report some errors that I noticed:

 I will spare them the effort.  This error is basically the wrong player count in the room.

 And as much as I understand the game in English, I'm playing with the Portuguese translation to notify me of something wrong, and I realized that in the settings, the "Submit Data" option will only be translated the first time the player starts the game, and then it will be in English.  And inside the room, at least with me, there's a 30% chance that the text "Starting in" will not appear translated either, it's nothing to disturb, I just noticed the game crashes on these two things

Isso é vdd, o mais frequente é esse na quantidade de jogadores que entram passando do limite.


Seems like it's not enough, we need to send emails now

O hack está na versão V4.0, mas ele ainda n foi publicado pra todos.

so existem modificações.

aqui outra imagem:

O que outras pessoas estão dizendo

to aqui no discord tirei um print de como ta aqui

espero q o grupo n veja

O que outras pessoas estão dizendo

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The match I was also was hacked by Mr. Luke, I did not remember taking a picture, but everything began when we saw the yellow using No-Clip, and then all we were as green in the game

every one its be hacked by this guy

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If they are so long without responding us, nor update the game, I believe they should be looking for a solution for this...


I'm redisplaying this image from a post I made here, and this error is now explained: is the incidence of in-game hackers, please Innersloth, listen to our complaints quickly and try to solve the problem of hackers that are destroying Among Us


Resolver este erro:

The hackers is destroying the game and 9AM in Brazil time the hackers will make a big strike PLEASE is a warning ADD a anti-hack SYSTEM or the game will DIE!!!!

Will it be the end for Brazilian servers? I don't know, I just know that until this is over, I won't play anymore

Pfv resolvam  o hack que estao ussando toda vez que eu vou entrar em um servidor ta todo mundo da mesma cor e nick e ai a partida fica chata

bruh i try download for pc and just have for android plz help me

Did you notice what you say on the page before the download?

Among Us (Windows) + All Hats!

(if you pay $5 USD or more)

That is, you need to contribute a quantity of at least $5 to get the PC version

My game is in the last version and every time when the round is in the end or saying, 1 impostor remaing or 2 crewmates remaing and 1 impostor my game desconnect of the server and go to the main screen. This is one of the screen what appears but can appears sent 6 pings or forcibly disconnected of server

this happened to me too, i just install this again and nothing happened :v

This mistake occurred to you, and now it's happening to me too

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one more hack creator, if looking at this hack is better than MR.luke


I forgot to put his channel link and the hack update video
his channel:
Video link showing hack update:

Hello developers, how are you? I would like you to ban a hacker who is not letting people play, his name is MRLuke, he has a YouTube channel, he basically goes on random servers and the following things happen:

All game names are like "Hacked by MRLuke"
All users get the same colors [light green] the same accessories, hats, etc.
Everyone in the chat says "Hacked by MRLuke"

Please ban this hacker that is destroying the game

Link to your YouTube channel:

ele é portugues

como entra no jogo among us?


and the Reason of Crashes is UnityPlayer.dll it gets when i lanch it and if it didnt get i cant play a game 2 times or it will crashes i dont know What To Do Please Somebody Help Me.

Please Help Me at Amoung Us My Game Almost Crashes Look At This

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eu clico no botão de online, quando eu vou no encontrar jogo ou criar ou codigo, simplesmente NÃO VAI, eu clico e acontece nada, como fosse q  n queria responder, so da pra jogar em freeplay

edit: provavelmente você não sabe algumas abreviações né? (do português).

aqui legenda: n=não q=que aff OMG


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