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hey, how can I play local multiplayer? Me and my friends connected to my wifi hotspot but they cant see my room when i create one??

 wanted to download the game on the pc but I have no money, I'm having to download pirate from youtube


How do I solve this?

good game



 This always happens, I tried to connect and disconnect the internet, but no use, I can not play :

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Need pay to gotch on the PC... i'm from brazil and talk... ON STEAM ARE R$10.00 AND IS HERE ARE R$18.69! I dont have money to buy the game T^T


and a great game, you could put a Lv synthema to help differentiate the newbies from the pro.

OMG! I don't wanna spend $5 on the game for pc, but the mobile version is free. and it's super fun!! So if you have a phone DOWNLOAD IT ON THAAAAT! u really don't want to miss out!!

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I can't install the game for PC, i'm using the itch launcher( i need to pay $5 USD to download for PC??)

why is not free;(

It is on mobile

why not installing

someone can tell me why the heck of the isntall aren't function ?


but guys tell me how to play the game i say good game because i play on phone but now i want play in computer help me pls

Do like any computer game, click every key until you see what does what.

Good game

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What are the apps that I need to install this? I installed the archive but it doesn't open.

ye same

me too

Congratulations, you game is AMAZING!!!

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a little problem that I have with the phone version: some of the buttons are so small, that I often miss them, this most often occurs when voting, because of the size of the kick button, I could just have fat fingers, but I don't think that's it, also, why isn't the PC version free like on mobile?

edit: I didn't realise I was voting on the wrong thing, my bad

Wow! Im soo glad you guys respond our feedbacks! Thanks Innersloth!!!

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Big problem I loved this game so Much on android I bought no ads and hat's and pets but when I redownloaded the game they were gone! And in google play I still hadthe puchases history how do I get them back. Please help somebody

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So I have a problem. First off i love the game and played a couple times a day with gf but one day the game stopped working. When I say that I don't mean it's laggy or buggy but it just won't open. I click on the app to play it but it opens a window for the game and kicks me out, the only thing I can do to interact with this window is close it. I check daily for updates but nothing. I love this game so much and I would very much like to play again. If it helps, the device I'm using is a Samsung Note 9 and I got the app from the Play Store. I would be sooo thankful if you can figure out the issue and fix it. If I have to go to Play Store to request change please inform me.

como joga

i Cant Enter The Game In Pc This Error pops up:

Switching to resolution 1366x768 failed, trying lower one
Switching to resolution 1366x768 failed, trying lower one
All resolution switches have failed
Screen: DX11 could not switch resolution (1366x768 fs=1 hz=0)

Can Fix It?

This is apparently a long-time issue with Unity. One website suggests checking the "Disable Fullscreen Optimizations Box"

1. Click the settings cog next to Launch
2. Click Manage Game
3. Click Open folder in Explorer
4. Open the AmongUs folder
5. Right-click Among Us.exe and click Properties
6. In the compatibility tab, check the Disable Fullscreen Optimizations checkbox.

Hope that helps!

you can plz remove the "disconect time out" from the game?


Hi, i want to report a "bug" that happened to me, well, let's start

Today, I started the game, in my cellphone,  but, everything was black, I didn't had a Map, in that moment, i was able to cross walls, see everyone, and some entity talked to me, he said "Happy birthday" and some weird words "sccdf ajdgsd fdaG", I'm not lying, I want to know who is this "person" and why this happened to me, I'm really scared about this, thank you for your support, please help me

You've encountered the creepy af bug. I've seen it to. Once it was imposter and everyone that touched it died. Yes, it's super creepy and should be fixed.

I Found This Is Not A "Bug" And Yes A Hack Searching On YouTube I Found That A Hack Is Called "WallHack" And "TP"

WallHack Lets you go through walls. the TP Its make everything is black

omg isso tambem aconteceu cmg

Itch won't let me download the game. ???


o jg e lg mais n consigo instalar aparece q n e compativeu

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I am trying to figure out how to get pets but when I click the money symbol in the pets tab in game when changing my appearance, it says I have launch the game from the launcher. I AM launching the game from the launcher, and I have tried keeping the launcher open when I play and that still doesn't allow me to load the pets thing.

Edit: the game is fully updated, otherwise I wouldn't be able to play with others.

I was pretty sure the was I was using itch for pets would work, but it seems I was totally wrong. 

I'm now engaging the Itch team on how to fix this, but for now, I've taken down the pet pages and pets simply won't be available for the Itch version until they enable a couple of features. 


Oh, thank you for the reply! :D

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This Is Not A Bug. Its a Hack One Is Called "WallHack (No-Clip)" Another One Is Called "TP" Makes Everything Go Black

Hello I have a suggestion. Could you please make a bot mode thx. 

The Damn games amazing man, the game always brings in intensity but sometimes i can't vote on some people Fr Fr


vi no youtube e e um bom jogo mas nao consigo baixar pelo pc corrijam

he meant:I saw on youtube and it's a good game but I can not download it on the pc.


Olá! Não consigo instalar! Não aparece opção para download! Por favor, corrijam para que eu possa instalar... obrigado! Miguel.

make work on linux pz



Nao consigo baixar pelo meu pc/I can not download to my pc


I play this game on android. I can tell you, this game is super fun; for being free, it's well done. The game itself is smooth and runs well. (I play on a moto 4 so nothing super fancy) The only thing is that sometimes.. People aren't the best. Like every casual game, there are people who use... to put it bluntly, kkk/nazi names and typically, they're just trolls. There ARE good players, but there's a lot of trolls. People also don't go to the right language tab, so most often spanish speaking people go to the english servers and basically make it hard af to communicate. 

Neither of those things are really the creator's faults, it's just an inevitability. Maybe there are ways to prevent it, but their staff shouldn't be blamed for a bad part of the community.

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It's great but the problem is when people press the button too soon or over and over again. Maybe there should be a reject voting penalty the players and put in or something like that. Then again I can see problems with that as well. People also don't seem to understand how to kick someone out of a room instead of just ejecting them out. I really love the game, I hope to see it grow. Thank you so much for the fun!

Edit: Another suggestion is about penalty for imposters quitting out at the end (last one leaving just so no one can win). I know there's penalty for leaving games in succession but that's not enough. Also the censorship on the game is strange. Like I can't say "he she" or some other words. Also people don't seem to understand that there is a vote kick button. A block list would be great, there's a few people that are just jerks. Thanks for listening!

Hey, I was planning on making a youtube video of all the Among Us mobile deaths. Can someone tell me what all the deaths are so I know when I can stop recording?

i was making one too

i found a glitch

there was two people the same color then this 


Detalhes como baixo a versao de windowns?

se tem que pagar 5 Reais pra poder baixar a versao windows.


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