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why is it every update you basically break the game? Went down hill when Polaris and skled task wouldn’t open/work so couldn’t win by task, people trolled and made games unending, Then that horrible giant map you guys made was just horrible. Now no one can  hit play to start the match, this isn’t including constant bugs as seeing ghost, saying someone is dead when they aren’t so they can’t vote.  Those are all game breaking bugs that are the issue. Stop adding skins and hats so you can fix it the game but good job good job amazing last few months of horrible updates keep going and wonder why the game got old when you drop a new map

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among us in real life (sus) (sus) 

this game is just too sussy for me man

Any chance of key rebinding on PC?

Also really needs an option to kick, ban and report during play and after cheating or griefing players have left, otherwise they tend to exploit those weaknesses.

Your making us pay 5 dollars when we can just get it for free on the App Store this must be a joke 😂 


among us is good but if hackers are still in the game then how are they not banned?

golden bird

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What's happening to my game. Each time I make a game it's hacked with all dead bodies reported.

depends what device your playing on


Hi, i am playing on IOS and when i host a game i can’t see how many people are in the lobby, and when i start i don’t see a countdown, and the game will not start.


why everyone hate me for say "amogus"

its a meme


but they downvote my comment for say "amogus"

I really don't care if people say amogus second it's not funny  anyways third I don't care but idk why people are hating people just saying a meme

Hey I play on a mobile Android, and I was wondering can you fix that androids cant type in chat and have to use the words on the side. Because it takes so long for me to try and find what you need to say and because its takes so long responding, it makes you seem sus when youre not.

it’s because you’re locked in Quickchat, if you’re 13 or older, you can make an account and get free chat and be able to change your name

But I have an account

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XD bruh you have to make a different account now and second you have to lie that your 13 years old kid because the innersloth group can not give people quick chat that the age under 13 because kids can disrespect other people so they added quick chat for kids that are under 13.

hey i'm on mobile(IOS) and for some reason I don't have the airship map and it doesn't say that it needs to be updated, know any reason this could happen?(great game btw)

I didn't knew there was a demo



Thanks a lot Innersloth for updating your Among Us so I got the CCC and Prisoner skin after The Airship bundle


fnf sus skid and evil pumo



among us is no funny

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What the heck is happening

Why is the start button light and there is chatting notifications and NO PLAYER NUMBERS!?

that’s weird, what system are you on?

very su


virus.exe amogus meme not spam btw topic among us topic of among us= meme


I'm not spaming btw


eris loris is back meme


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hello innersloth if you are reading this or if anyone is reading this anyway among us was once a fun game i would play it when ever i could but ever since the quick chat update was made among has been harder and ore anoying to play and to go allong with the bugs and glitches and now hackers are back and also people are dating EVEN more so now its really hard to play among us and i even have this glitch on my switch when i type it does not go thru and quick chat itself is hard to use sometimes you cant even find the word your looking for so i hope quick chat is only an used by choice and the names are just dumb but among us is a fun game plz remove quick chat 4 u can use it if u want ONLY if these changes get changed then maybe among us will be popular again.

(sorry if its 2 long lol)


hi guys

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Deleted 2 days ago
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asbah what hell is that name sounds he was adopted from a idiot parents.

Can this be returned if it doesn't work in your browser or the steam key won't work?

when the sus is sus

that's mean

yeah that is mean


What the hell

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what is this person on

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tell me and she will get what she deserves innersloth are trying hard and shes disrespect

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when is a spoiled bratty rich kid be like

This man needs to: Stop it get some help

you need to get some help

no u



click this video for nothing

We can see its rickroll

"click this video for nothing"

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you stole memes lol

for some reason his voice does not match with his looks

sbh is good


Yes, die Falcon!

Fun Fact: Steve is actually my main in Smash Bros., LoL

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