A downloadable game for Windows and Android

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Play online or via local WiFi with 4-10 players as you attempt to prep your spaceship for departure, but beware as one will be an impostor bent on killing everyone!

Crewmates can win by completing all tasks or discovering and voting the impostor off the ship. 

The Impostor can use sabotage to cause chaos, making for easier kills and better alibis.

Enjoy cross-play between PC, Android and iOS!

PC Controls:

  • Arrows or WASD - Moving
  • E or Space - Use
  • Q - Kill
  • R - Report body
  • Mouse - Minigame and menu interactions
  • Alt+Enter - Toggle fullscreen

In the options, you can also choose to use mouse only, which mirrors mobile controls.


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Among Us (Android) 66 MB
Version 41
Among Us (Windows) + All Hats! 52 MB
if you pay $5 USD or more
Version 39

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Today I played in the game where there was an unidentified player, and he was like this the whole game, soon after, my nick also disappeared, but the game continued normally, just do not know if others were seeing my name

Only to see that the unidentified player was the red, even he was with the same color as he appeared when the color bug ocurred, I think it was fixed, for it did not happen to me again, although the color bug occurs sometimes for a few seconds when a player enters a room, this is the first time I see this during the gameplay

Hi, I'm reposting this error so you can fix this error in future updates!

"There is a bug that does not allow my phone keyboard to open (my phone is a SONY XPERIA E4) after about 30 to 40 seconds my keyboard opens, so I can't play, fix this bug as soon as possible. and this bug only happens in the game "Amoung Us" and before an update (I don't remember which one) it didn't happen, so it's not my phone problem, it's game problem. Thanks for taking the time to read this text, hopefully in the next update you will fix it."

Como atualiza eu comprei no site Nao foi na steam EU PAGUEI PARA ALGUMA COISA

I've downloaded the update , but still facing the same problem , is there any thing I could do , maybe specific VPN ?

I'm having a problem entering public matches in the game. I noticed that other people also had the same problem as me. I already have the new version of the game of the day 2019.08.16 and still can not enter. Already uninstalled and installed again but does not enter. Do something please. Grateful. 

This is the other error I get.

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I get this error and the one that was posted by JPCoelh23 every time I try to join or create a game. Please resolve as I cant play at all with any of my friends.

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meu wi-fi é strong 

Try updating again. I just released 2019.8.16 which may fix your problem.


n consigo instalar ,isso e mt chato para uma pessoa viciada.......serio eu sou viciada

What you must do to install is:

Go to this link, and select the link that says:

No thanks, just take me to downloads

Last update doesn't work

I have the same problem...

Try updating again. I just released 2019.8.16 which may fix your problem.

I have the last update 

Give a link 

Try updating again. I just released 2019.8.16 which may fix your problem.


In version 2019.8.14a (for mobile), the death animation sometimes does not produce any sound (in this case I only noticed the firing so far)


Thanks for letting me know! I think it is just that one animation. It isn't fixed in 2019.8.16, but should be fixed in the next update after that.


Is there free stuff in the game?

Imp cannot close door after update 8.9 patch. please fix it ::(


Every time this happens, 5 to 10 minutes out of nowhere this message appears and I'm disconnected, fix it.



me ajudem, desde que o  Jogo foi atualizado eu não consigo mais jogar nem uma partida, pois toda vez que acaba a contagem regressiva ele trava e desconecta.


mesma coisa aqui to quase reembolsando

(same problem here)

Dear Creator of the game Among Us

I found a YouTube channel that creates a hack for the game, containing in that hack, removed cooldown, changing color any minute and becoming an impostor or crewmate, I recommend activating an anti hack in the game, If you want to know more information, the channel name is Ed Mafi, a Brazilian channel


Como resolver este erro 

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When I get on the map and start the game, it freezes and you can't even talk and chat, and then this error appears on all maps and servers.And my internet is very good


please read  this coment and fix the problem

Hi  innersloth theres one bug in the skeld map, its in the 

electric, i cant do any tasks  on the eletric 

(2 edits) (+1)

Please Innersloth, fix two bugs. The first one, I don't know if it's really a bug or if I'm doing it wrong, but on The Skeld map, I can't do the wiring task.  And second, that impostors are taking advantage and sabotaging the light, because we can't fix it, and that serves as an easy target

Screenshots here:

Whenever I put one of the wires or just touching the screen will kick me out of the task

Here is a bit different, I can't interact with any of the switches and we can do nothing but stay in the dark

And that's what I've noticed so far, please correct it soon

why not have the update for PC

(1 edit) (+1)

Many thanks for the translation Innersloth, Portuguese it's okay

Could you fix the bug of kill time not passing while looking at security cameras plz


i want to post a 10 player 2 imposter game. If i get permission, i will post code.

May I ask you a question?  What will be the name of this game?

am i allowed to post games here?

i cant download it on pc 

Hey man why its a cool game

We have a new bug

And after that we all die

This may not have been a bug, maybe everyone left the game when it's over, but as this is the first time this happens to me I'm showing ok

same problem here :/

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Что??? pls исправить это

Как решить проблему? (Вы отключились от сервера te.
Если это происходит часто, проверьте прочность сети.
Это также может быть проблема сервера.) Нет ничего плохого в Интернете. А как насчет серверов? (Я из России)

hi! please add arabic language. :) :)

thanks. :)

Olá! Estou querendo comprar a versão pelo pc, porém estou com uma duvida, quando houver uma atualização do jogo, irá aparecer aqui no site para atualizar ou vai atualizar sozinho? Grato dede já!!



i really like the game, but I'm having a problem, since the last actualization my game just crashes when i try to open it, i have a Huawei p20 lite with Android 9 I don't want to reinstall the game becouse I'm worried of losing my hats


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