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this is a more dumbest game to my life

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this game is payed… is a dumbest game in my life on brazil














I had a lot of fun before, but when i installed the APK, it threw a installation error.

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Damn game! it is full of fake accounts that when you start a game press the button and leave; Even if you prove your innocence, people still vote for you for no reason, they even look like bots, this ruins the matches too; it's full of people cheating on calls knowing who the impostors are and ruining the game, or just attracting attention; There are a lot of people writing pornographic things in chat all the time..

I had lots of fun with friends!


IDEA 1: Add bot crewmates that move and chat properly for freeplay mode AND its optional and you can customize their names and you can choose what they wear and you can customize  their roles and their personality and you can make up to 5 freeplay slots that save so you can experience different types of AI!! IDEA 2: Add  12 slots that let you quickly change outfits,colors,and usernames if you don't get the color you want and this can be used on the bots i want too and for example: if you chose red with a robot pet and tuxedo skin but your color will be taken when you join,you morph into another custom outfit you made for a different color and name like green with a mini crewmate and a star hat!!! Idea 3: In Freeplay modes you should have special abilities like no kill cooldown and freeze time (for moving ai bot crewmates AND imposters" and also admin commands and private chat and ability to add bots as friends!!!
IDEA 4: Add a feature where blue with the safety googles is the main character and orange is the sidekick and red is the other sidekick and there is a movie and show that the players can watch without wifi on their screen!


By your username and your pfp I already know you're not old enough to make an itch acc.


Shouldn't I be saying that about  your profile pic and user when your father left you then came back then left you again because there is no milk spilled on you yet?

Ok yea we get it you sound like someone who just turned 9.

if ur talking to a 9 yr old then stay away u creep and im not 9 you Fatherless,Parentless,Brainless,Scamless,Careless,Dareless,L Raito x Alt User,Game Abuser,Insult Chooser,Wicked Loser that cant find his parents and was born as a mistake, Like a homeless child falling into marry lake!

"L Raito" My guy who the fuck uses that insult :peppercry:


no me deja iniciar sesion la puta madre xd








This is the world's most sus page...




......我觉得very good,除了下载有点慢


la concha de su madre no me deja iniciar sesion me culeo a la vane


AJAJJAJAJ, lastimosamente tengo q pagar pero yo no voy a pagar ni mrd 


No se preocupen ustedes 2, busquen en steamunlocked y me lo agradecerán

bro what?

ok umm that among us is good and cool




Внимание Регистрация не работает из-за того что у вас возможно не офицальная игра


gratis para pc porfa




Can we have Among Us free only on

No, probably because this version was in the paid

у меня нет долларов


pc is not free :(

Yeah, and i don't have enough to buy it! That's a full disappointment. :'(




The mobile version is free on Google play

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the game is not free make it free


Bro, devs needs the Money, Imagine not getting paid and soon die? And also in this version, u can implement easely.


я зарегистрироваться не могу >:/

why i dont get steam key after buyinh


hey i'm a sloth to! also can you make a demo for linux please?


i wish among us didn't cost money for pc


frr,but at the same time the creator did take a lot of time to make this, so its fair.



could you give me the account



jaja dámelo por mi ps

haha give it to me for me ps?


You can tell you're parents to sign in among us for a free chat

pc plis

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