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why is does the computer version cost money when the mobile is for free

Read my comment above:

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I don’t know what the paid version is. Maybe it’s a premiun version of Among Us? Or it’s only to pay for the developer? I won’t buy the paid version.


The paid version is not premium in any way, it's the exact same thing on Android and iOS. But, if you like privacy and have money to spend go with the PC version a.k.a the paid version but if you're not concerned about your privacy online, don't care about ads and on a budget then go with the mobile version, the one for Android and iOS.


Oh, okay.

tired of playing on phone so i wanted to play on pc but it cost m o n e y

I feel you...

its not that expensive, its only 5 bucks

5 bucks in my country could get you a day's worth of meals

No thanks

cheap people

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Yes. I like things for free ;)

Why on the play store is free,and in is for pagament? :/

the phone version is free


This a stupid thing(on the phone is free,on the web is pagament)



make it free you dumbs


guys its free on apple store


pls make it free :(


plz make it free

I an giv u foo freera ada


I'm addicted since the last 2 years.


no me inicia sesion

innersloth quero comprar estrelas ibera!!!


solution if don't want to pay (WINDOWS): 1. go to the microsoft store 2. find among us then download it it's that easy!


no me deja cerrar sesion en el juego, como lo hago?

I have the game, is the best

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no way its on, but then again a lot of other familiar games i know are here... eh, whatever.

ANYWAYS, why the hell is this free on mobile, but paid on pc? i demand equality here!


Among Us developers get revenue from mobile players watching ads, which is doable only on mobile . They would get almost no revenue if they made the game free on PC.


может спс?

нет, сас (от слова sus)

can i get it for free my parents dont let me buy games

on mobile

mobile is boaring 😒😒😒

idk what to tell you

ok nvm i am board of among us anyway

Yeah. I'm more of a PC gamer myself.




I love this

great game!

quiero comprar las estrellas de among us

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Free among us

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this guy doesn't know what a fan remake is

I love this game! Keep it up Innersloth!


carl johnson in amogus real no fake 100%





Ok so how does this work like that you can play online? Idk if its possiable to make an online game and put it on itch io, or maybe im stupid



Why wouldn’t it work? Online gaming only requires that a game be able to open network connections to other games.

Developers were implementing network play entirely on their own long before services like Steam existed.


Steam networking exists  to make online games easier, itch io networking dosent exist i think, also how would both these games on itch io and steam connect to the same server? idk how to connect 2 seperate versions to 1 server.

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You’re conflating matchmaking and networking. Matchmaking is what saves you from having to type your friend’s IP address into your game to connect to them and helps to reduce the number of situations where you need to manually forward ports. Steam provides matchmaking, not the game server itself.

I don’t know about now, but, historically, any game with a “host game” button had built in support for acting as the game server, because a game server is just a copy of the game that the other players connect to, which acts as the central source of truth when the different PCs disagree on something.

its easy to put a online game on it might be impossible to play online on html. its an app

only steam version


My fucking game i well never post on the Internet, toykodon is better then this fucking aids


б*я верните бесплатны амонг это не честно иза какойта абновы вы зделали платным это просто ж**а






No broke boy (I dont mean this ok ;> 



Some guy was linking to (you know what)hub or 18+ stuff


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dude just get it on the play store

I'd be nice if blocking and reporting actually did anything. 

I reported and blocked three people for literally talking about trading illegal pr0n, still see them playing every couple days, still saying nasty stuff to underage players.

Still seeing the same troll players too, calling meetings just to waste time all day every day.

Same thing happens to me People are sending illegal pr0n

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Among us Web version

This is epik



not trusting this













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