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The app is already downloaded but it is visible in my app setting in ios? And also i can't able to play it in my iphone 5 device. 

I have the very same issue on my ipad where the icon is visible but the app does not function... Felt disappointed that I couldn't play the game...


Mobile- Every time I create a sever it keeps giving me 6 digits for the code, but every time my friend enter that 6digit code it does not work. So when my friends host there own sever, there’s have a 4 digit code. Every time I host a server it has a 6 digit code 

There is an update to the game your frends need to update there game


It doesn't let me join, host, or do anything. It just keeps saying, "You disconnected from the server". How can I fix that??

look, that is totally normal in ´´among us´´, what you have to do is look at another server, and join again and again becouse the server may be lagged or something like that, just join and join and join, I hope that this helps you:)

Thank you very much Sara Lucia.


Hiw can i update my game? 



If you're on mobile, just update normally, if you're on PC, redownload the game


purchased, paid & downloaded, but will NOT run



I would like that in the game they put the option to add friends, because there are times when you have to play with very nice people and because you can't add friends, you don't play with them anymore. It would be something very good that when you create a private room you invite the friends that are connected and you can play with them. Because there are times when you are with people who are not very nice or people who are not your age, with whom you cannot talk/express yourself in the same way as with someone of legal age who understands more about the game.


Me gustaría que en el juego pongan la opción de agregar amigos, porque hay veces que te toca con personas muy agradables y por no poder agregar amigos, ya no vuelves a jugar con ellos. Seria algo muy bueno que cuando crees una sala privada le des a invitar a los amigos que estén conectados y puedas jugar con ellos. Porque hay veces que te toca con gente no muy agradable o gente que no tiene tu misma edad, con la que no puedes hablar/expresarte de la misma forma que como con alguien mayor de edad que entiende mas del juego.


So I see all my friends able to go onto the store but all I see is "Loading Failed: Purchasing Unavailable" I tried redownloading it but it wouldn't work. Anybody know how to fix it? I have a Samsung Galaxy S9+ btw if that helps at all


The game is kinda broken because all of me and my friends tried to host and every time it just dosent work.

Love the game, such a good new take on Werewolf and Mafia, so glad youtube show this game to the world and well deserve. The other game like are mostly juste reading, waiting and guessing. Here, it really feel like everything you do is observe and worth something.

May i SUGGEST something for the next update or The Among Us 2:

-Random map selection, now, if you want to play a new map, you need to leave the current game and join another one with the map on play, which is sad, mostly if you made connection with the other players. Putting a way to randomize the map, so everygame is in another location, would keep us on the edge and force us to adapt.

-For Among Us 2, you could implant roles, like one role could have a bigger vision than normal crewview, a captain whos voted, his vote count double and change every round, a security guard who could kill one person only, so he had to kill the good one otherwise the crew would think his an imposter. I got more ideas, but i think we got the point.

-A friend list, i'm sure i'm not the only one suggesting it and i'm sure it's already in your plan.

Question: Did it would be hard to separate phone user server to pc ones? Phone users are really disavantages for the tasks, vote, chatting, praticly everything against a player doing keyboard and mouse who can move, sabotage or watch the map at the sametime beside a phone user who cant.

Love your game, can't wait to see what you'll give us in the futur.

See ya on the ship.

-Darleen Deer


Suggestion: I think Push To Talk or a Voice Chat system would help immensly towards the gameplay. However some more toxicity from people could be released that wouldn't be able to be censored unless reported. The main reason for this is most games without a close group of people you can talk to is repetative and turns people off. It's the same game, for Imposter, you kill 1 or 2 people, you get accused out of the blue and are ejected. But this can be fixed with my second suggestion...

Competitive Ranks! Perhaps a competitive mode and a ranking system can fix the level of gameplay. It can help judge your level, and combined with the Push To Talk system, it would be amazing! You do not have to listen to this suggestion in any way, I do not want to put pressure on you. Please, take your time, no one is setting a deadline. 

The idea of the game is that there's limited communication, hence the "Shh!" at the start of each round telling you not to talk.


Why when I get on the game. It's says im disconnected from the  server but my wifi is perfectly fine

When in doubt, blame the devs :\

put the game in Spanish and put it so that the pc is not with money, so your game will be very visited, I am trying to play it on my pc, but I have to buy it, that's why I ask you to put it for free.
please fulfill this

Suggestion: a competitive gamemode: Every day you can play 3 times. If you are the imposter you get 3 points per kill, if you are a crewmate, you get 1 point per task. The rules are set and the map is randomized. The last 3 days of every month you can go in a shop and buy cosmetics and nametag effects. After the month is over, your points reset but your cosmetics remain. You can also play in the normal gamemode, but earning points if much harder and you earn only 1 point for winning.


hey there! we are facing the problems while hosting or try to enter in the private rooms! in Android version. Hoping u to fix these issues soon.

And also looking forward to  Among Us 2!👍


Can You Make An Option So That You Can Hide Other Players Pets When Your The Imposter?


afloop was not the imposter

i like this game!


Just bought the game on the PC (via Steam), and we have it on 2 Android mobile phones in the house aswell. When I try to play LOCAL, i.e. with my phones, the PC version is throwing up a window saying 'You have an older version of the game please update'. How and where do I update? I literally just bought it!  Im using Windows 10.


i always get 6 pings that remote has not responded to like what the hell i want my money back


Why cant it be free for pc with no skins,pets and some hats then the one with everything for the $6 ?


I guess the devs have problems with implementing DLC on itch, I don't even know if that's possible. But yes, very good point.


hi i have a question i downloaded among us on my phone and bought some things i wanted to try keyboard so i also got it on my computer on steam is there any way to link the accounts so i have my items on my pc


Now theres no way to link it bcs you dont need to enter an email addres


Will there ever be an update for Itch.Io to support pets or additional skins like the Mira HQ ones? I see they exist on steam as dlc, but I've looked around and seen nothing about the itch pc version :(.

(+1)(-1) doesn't do DLC it's best to get them on steam. You should get a steam key when you buy Among Us here on if you didn't get one. Send an email to Innersloth.


Para jugar en Linux usen Steam y protón y se ejecuta sin problemas, supongo que en Mac es lo mismo 

Steam Linux comentarios

Los servidores están saturados pero es jugable sin problemas en Linux con una configuración mínima 


I’m on iOS and I cant play the game at all. Says: Disconnected from the server

could not send data as a socket exception occurred: Network is unreachable.


did you find a way to fix this mine does the same

isso também aparece pra mim...e eu já tentei ver no YouTube e ninguém falou sobre esse erro e como resolver ainda---

I’m having the same problem 




Usa Proton con Steam, funciona con una configuración mínima


I really hope a Mac version is released soon. I know i can just play the android version but is better to just buy it directly imo

let's pray...


Hi Innersloth! I hope you see this post because I’ve really wishes this could happen: If you can—can you try adding a ‘befriend’ button? I’ve met a lot of players whom I have became friends with, but due to the fact that most of us can’t get discord, we can’t see each other again. If you won’t add the addition of the ‘befriend button’ or ‘friend requests’ it is fine. But I would appreciate it if you do.

That would require an overhaul of the current player system given how there is no uuid/account system I am aware of. I'd look in the next game for that feature at the soonest.


I've been playing the game on my phone for the past few weeks and it's been so much fun with friends! But for the past couple of days it been IMPOSSIBLE to play in a private room with friends. It works for all of them but not for me; my connection is good, my phone has wifi and we have an unlimited plan. I thought maybe on the computer it'd be better, but when I bought the game the same issue keeps coming up. I've tried dozens of times in a row, I've closed and opened the game several times and I don't know what to do. I'm so sad now because I just want to play with my friends ;n;

happens to me everytime


i keep getting told i disconnect the server... ive only been able to play two games

Thats just a lag on the game I really hate that glitch but I just need to wait

I would like to see a feature on mobile where you can link your like account to mobile so you can have all your items on mobile 

Can you make this game avaible for mac os

Sadly I think theres no way to link it


Hi, I think it would be fun if the ghosts could be seen by the imposters. Haunting your killer and all that

That would be kind of bothering the impostor, and ghosts can sometimes block the sight of other players even if they are a bit transparent. But I think that is a good idea for those who aren’t imposters XD.


Hi, I recently had a problem where I get this error: (You disconnected from the server. cold not send data as socket exception occurred: access denied)

What can i do?

If that happened try going to other server (like Europe Or North America)

I feel like there should be a free version that doesn't come with hats and stuff, like how on android or ios you are able to buy the addon after downloading the free version. It's kind of harsh that you have to buy the addon when you just want to play the base game.

Use bluestacks then


bluestacks is laggy for me so i agree with

try LDPlayer, it works fine for me.

is there any way on android to use keyboard attached to tablet? if not, then it would be nice to have this.

Sadly there is no way to do it

devs, there is a issue that many people have been having for a long time, where the only way to join a match, is to open it in another regon, please find a fix for this, or tell us how

cant seem to get in... how???????????????


I tried play in the androind and the error "reliable packet 3 (size+27) was not ack'd after 7517ms (9resends)" appers, so i give up, but a So I bought the game through steam, and the same error occurred in the steam version BRUH

That is just a game lag it happens to me sometime but I just wait and maybe disconnect from ur wifi and rejoin It works fine for me

How do I get pets I'm on windows.

LonelyD0ge U need to buy them in the pets section and press the dollar button u can buy them there

(1 edit) (+2)

Hello innersloth, I don't know  if this is the right place to post an issue, but recently I have not been able to connect to my friends games through private codes(among us). however they can all connect to the game. likewise if i host a game they cannot join it. I have tried reinstalling, restarting and switching servers. Is this just a one time thing or a problem i have to fix. 

I seem to have the same problem, I always can't join my friends private game or even host a private game.

Guys, i had the same problem but i told my friends to try and switch servers, we did it, and now it works. I hope it works for you. 

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