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I have a glitch to report, I even discovered.

woah!! cOOL!

That happened to me in the airship map

please make the pc version free just remove all hats unlocked I dont have a phone so I cant play it

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I keep getting disconnected... I do have a good internet

Please look into this

And i couldn't even create my own room i get disconnected again

And i get glitched into space ...

Playing on android


Yes the same thing is happening to did you fix it?

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we can limit the number of emergency cooldowns for now

why is everyone looking same coloured on my screen? What do i do to fix this?

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when i click download now it only shows the android file. Is the windows version need to pay to be downloaded?

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I have this same problem, I tried downloading it twice. But I can't play it

how do i apply for beta program? I play among us every day.

Is the game down for iPhones????

The game won’t open after the latest update on IOS

Thanks, we are aware, but can't fix it quickly because of Apple's approval process. We will update as soon as they let us. Sorry!


Do you know when it will be fixed. Like a date or time?


I cant play among us on my iphone 5s when i try to join a match it crashes please fix it

yes i have the same problem, it doesn't work

Yeah same does anyone know how to fix it?

Same to me I am on iOS 12 iPhone 5s

Your game keeps crashing at random, please fix it


How do I name myself in-game, so far I haven't seen anything that will let me do that

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On the screen which you have to choose whether it’s Public or Host, there’s a tab on the top that says Enter name. Click that and you can enter a name. This is on a phone or iPad, not so sure about laptops

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me dice que no hay subidas para este juego

umm i got a problem it says choose a program i wanted to open the file with but i chose winrar and i opened it and umm am i doing the right or umm.. plsss help im no expert

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omg this game is so fun I LOVE IT!  But it hasnt let me play for the past days  I have been getting disconnected because of network but my networks works perfectly fine and this is getting annoying  please fix!

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Hey.. I installed this game on PC and I Payed for it.. it doesn't open, simply blocked at the loggo screen "Innersloth".. I want so much to play it, but I can't, please, if you know any way to fix this, reply me.


I haven't heard of this issue before. You might try redownloading it. If you have anti-virus, that might be affecting it as well. AVG dislikes Unity games quite a bit.

This may be a solution, I do use AVG. I also tried reinstalling it, but the issue kept happening. 

By the way, I sent an email to the support in case you don't see my comment here, but since I saw your reply you can ignore the mail.


same problem, we just paid for it , but wont let us run after we download it .. please help us .. signed frustrated "payer "

same here. I paid the game but it cant download

same problem and i already try every suggestion but no avail :(

i played on laptop btw

pliss fix this problem

I just created my account in this page for help them. Sorry for my English. I had the same problem. When I opened the game appeared the logo screen "Innersloth" and the game blocked. I tried solved with comands "ALT + ENTER" but it didn't work. Then I checked my GPU (Screen drivers) but Windows said it's all ok. I had to read lots page to undertand my problem. I did the follow:

1.- Go to directX in Windows (command dxdiag).

2.- Go to Screen tab.

3.- In the seccion Devices you'll see the Screen driver's name.

4.- Go to drivers manufacturer page (or search in google) and dowload the most recent driver for your PC o laptop.

After that I opened the game and it worked perfectly.

PD: My screen drivers is "Intel HD Graphics".


I’m having a problem with this game on my phone, whenever I try to connect to a server it says that I’m not connected to WiFi, but I’m right next to the router. Are the servers down?


could you please make the game free to play on pc like it was before? i actually liked it that way. why did you change it?

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Thank you very much for made this GAME

is only the mobile version free? the description is confusing me

Yes, the PC version is 5 dollars



My name is Arav Manchanda. I discovered your game on, and I found it very appealing. I work at a company called Zigantic, and at Zigantic, we provide game developers with play-testing. We take your game, push it out to high-school students, they play it, and provide you with valuable feedback. Our panel of high schoolers can help you find bugs, disliked features, and inconsistencies in your game. In addition, we can provide you with initial access to your target market, as our supply of high schoolers is large and are in constant need of new games to play! We are excited to hear from you, and if you have any questions visit us at our website, Zigantic
Arav Manchanda
Zigantic LLC

server is down, what happened?

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You should make sure to become an imposter every 5 matchs or something like that.there are guys who want to play as imposter.And a defend system which helps crewmates to escape from imposters and tell everyone like struggling or something.And finally when a ghost passes by ,you get a chill.

Deleted 2 years ago

Sorry! We had a server outage from 2am until 8am PST (about two hours prior to this post) while we were asleep. The server has been restarted and things should be good again!

make pc version free again please!

I am currently messaging on IPad Pro, but even though my Wifi is super strong and only has 10 ping(I  checked on free play), I can't play publicly and it always says I disconnected. Also, do I have to pay on Windows to buy the game buy paying money on Windows?

I still need to make a big post about this, but we had tons of new players starting 12/15 which took down our servers for four days. I worked 12-hour days trying to fix it until yesterday. Now the server is much better, but there may still be some other issues less frequently.

Also, yes. Because itch has poor support for DLC like our hats (but we still love it here), the PC version is 5 dollars everywhere.

The same thing is happening to me

There is a download error.


I don't think there is any problem with Among Us or I just tried and it was fine. You may just need to try downloading again.

Deleted post

As we've moved out of beta, we have started asking 5 dollars for Among Us on PC. We can't put ads in the PC game like on mobile, and hats aren't popular enough to keep up with the server costs, so the previous update was our last free one. Thanks for playing and we hope you're willing to support us going forward.

Why is everyone the same color in my screen?

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Looks like a shader isn't working. What kind of phone are you using?

vivo y51


The game was extremely fun and I plan on hopfully getting more than just one friend in on the action!

Thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed it even though it looks like you hit quite a few bugs. I think most of those should be worked out now...


Try space station 13 and rip off copy some ideas from there. Trust me, it will be awesome.

Please add bots to play offline or short simple chat commands during the main game.

is there any way you can bring the player limit down to 4?

It is already at four! :) Our trailer is outdated now, we are going to replace it soon. Did you see five players anywhere else?


oh whoops! sorry, forgot to check. thanks for replying! love your game


Excuse me but when I try to play it always says that I disconnected from the server

I played public and it says "You have been disconnected from the host" and I'm pretty sure I have good Wi-Fi

There are lots of new players this weekend, so the server has been crashing with new bugs. We have been fixing it, but half of the time we're asleep when it happens so it stays down for several hours. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Awesome Game, I had sooo much fun playing it with friends! :D


macOS port please!

also, please add a timer on voting to put some pressure on us, atleast 30 secs.

and let ghosts talk to each other so that it won't be boring.

thanks! It's a fantastic game!

Deleted 2 years ago

We aren't planning to add VOIP in-game. But if you're playing with friends, I totally recommend a Discord or Skype call. It works really well and is far better quality than anything we could make. Fewer trolls that way too. :)


I want to try this game but can you make a macOS port please? Thanks!

Uhh This did not work for me it was very buggy and I could not play because i cannot connect.

Sorry about that! We had a server issue and it caused some very bad problems, but it should be all better now!


Thanks so much! I love this game keep up the good work


This is really amazing, i got the whole student in my class liked this game because i invited them to play this.

I wonder why this game isn't popular yet though.

Looking forward for new updates, keep up the good work dude!! 

That's so great to hear! We just updated today. Hopefully you and your classmates enjoy the new sounds!


Make it a mobile port and you'll make tons of money!


iOS  Android

Still waiting for the tons of money, though. :)


ha lol tons is a matter of opinion tons to one person may be pennies to another

yea, or you have no idea how business works so your tip is usless, that could be part of it

You have it now (sorry not sorry)

This seems like the most common comment that I get. Everyone that has ever told me this has been so wrong. I don't think I've made $1 in 2 years.

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