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What if there was a coin system?

More hats could be added and players could win coins by completing tasks and winning and such.

These hats could be bought using the coins! :D

BTW This game is great and even without a coin system it would still be great I just want to see more people with more weird hats :D

The thing is I keep laging out and it says that I intenctionally disconnect and it just wastes my time i have to wait 5, 7, 9, 11 i just hate it can you fix that i love the game i feel like thats its con


IDEA: what if Ghosts can scare players; by knocking stuff down?

Like a player passes a plant and a ghost can knock it down?!!?!?!



What if ghosts could haunt the imposter?

Like the imposter is the only one who can see ghosts?

now thats good

like slow the impostors speed for a little and adding time to the kill and sabotage time making them wait longer


lobby idea so that way less people will attempt to leave,

A soccer ball that players can kick around, maybe even a goal


FIX the breakdown between  update 2.3

And 4. Cause its making 5 networks to stay secure in poverty laws it's beyond the world wifi is good and lag control but I would say the casting of other electronics are horrible to find the best way to work out what you guys do in the signals, but the rest of the game is fine, I work at a electronic store and my son was playing this and to be honest with you guys your doing a great job, but the balance of connection between devices is your problem just telling this. (When are you planning to fix it?): this is just a suggestion :)

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can you guys add a feature in the lobby where if 6 members vote the game starts im tired of annoying hosts just banning people or not starting i think this would be a great start in the battle against annoying hosts


Why is windows version paid?


There is a bug, everytime i finish a match, my game will crash (it's on android btw). 

Please fix this, thank you

I had the same problem, it makes it impossible to play properly, and this is my favourite game. Please fix it!


When is the dope new map coming out? no other game has gotten me this hype! I cant wait and would like to know how long it is till it comes out


Hi can you guys please add a friend request system so you could see if they are online and invite them with "invite friends" option. It would also be really cool if you could get a notification if a friend is online.


even i need it badly


This game is friggen awesome! I love it to heck!

I saw this suggestion on the google play store and thought it was cool; 

More hats; like a wizard hat or sunglasses would be pretty cool. 

Or even a little astronaut that would sit on top of your head?


Idea: maybe more kill animations, like maybe being able to interact with stuff to make people explode?

A taser to the face?

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I wish their was a friend request system where we can friend request people and join their server...which would be really cool....still waiting for that day to come.....but anyways just wanna say this game is awesome and sooo fun to playyy


~ booooouiii

this game is perfect, honestly, I never thought that a game of deception and lies could have maps, missions, a actual place that you move around instead of just a singular background, Among Us is the best game of deception and lies I ever played. And I have been thinking of what could have in among us besides other maps, story, etc; and one idea that crossed my mind is actually a bit crazy, a board/card game of among us, I dont know if that can be done, but one thing I'm sure is that is possible, I dont wanna say too much cause it's very easy to think a card system for a card game especially among us, everyone recieved a role card, they could move to areas that are close to the room they are for example is you in cafeteria, you can move to upper engine, med bay and weapons. you could do your tasks that depending of the task it needs some time to be done like if you are downloading something you would have to do nothing for 2 turns or something,some tasks might tell everyone that you are good like the body scan, in the end of the turn everyone put a sabotage card on the table(of course, the crew cards of sabotage do nothing, it's just to mix the cards) and the sabotage have few turns until the impostors win, and there it goes, because the ghost still do things, the dead player still move around, but their body's can be found...

well, that's just a option that I like so among us can be played without internet or cellphones, and games like among us are really funny to play with friends or family.And a card game is a good way that I found to reach that.

i appreciate any kind of response 

(oh god that's the largest thing I ever wrote)

This is a great idea, and I would buy a card game of Among Us.

That would be great, and it would be even better if there was a story behind the game.

Is there a reason for those potato astronauts to betray each other while fixing a ship?

Because they feel like it

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The game is great, but there are some bugs:

1:If you close the medic bay while standing on the door you can get inside the wall

2: Sometimes the electric task on the right of weapons has an arrow pointing to it even if it is not your task

Please solve the problems with offensive names or comments. By the way, your game is awesome!

Here is a screenshot of me inside the wall in an actual match

oh wow, you can still do tasks in there? and btw can impostors kill you inside the wall? that would be crazy

I think it has been fixed in the last update...  It would have been funny to troll people doing that

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ive played this game for almost a year in android and i love it!!! But please add a freind system,  and release the next map as soon as possible,  and can you add a little cutscene about the story of the game because i would love seeing the story of among us... Thats all i want in game for now... Thank you.


Ok if you going to get this game on your computer make sure you look through you anti virus program if your game disappear. I use avast and avast treated among us as a virus and put it off my computer into its virus chest. So make sure you check your anti virus setting before you download this.


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Is anyone else having a problem with the window download  i try loading it then it crash and then disappear then i deleted it and reloaded it and the same thing i am hoping they do something i play it on my phone and want to play it on my laptop

We fixed  this via email: Avast doesn't like Among Us, and it might quarantine Among Us after you start it even if you tell Avast to ignore it!


AH HA i got it what if the host can only ban/kick twice for only the first meeting in the first 15 sec? thatll work u should try it maybe idk its ur game u decide

hey, wanted to make a question outside the topic, how do you unlock the manifolds in the reactorr?

Click the numbers in order 1 to 10.


wait a sec why not make bans/kicks but only 1 and can only be used when the host is alive so if someone kills the host the host can't ban them cause they are dead?

We actually tried that! As we mentioned in the post, even one kick is enough to ruin a game. The host can still kick someone who tries to report them as impostor. Or kick someone who they think is impostor, but people aren't voting for. Fewer kicks reduces how many people are affected, but not how bad it is to get kicked unfairly...


AH HA i got it what if the host can only ban/kick twice for only the first meeting in the first 15 sec? thatll work u should try it maybe idk its ur game u decide

I recently discovered the game and I love it, played 10 hours nonstop yesterday. My question is "Is there any chance of new map?" 

There is! Check our latest devlog!

Wow Im so hyped




I totally agree with you. They should make pc version free and android version paid because there will be higher chance of people purchasing the game..


They should make a paid of windows and android but also a free version of both is what I think would be better


Yea i agree. Like in paid version there should be hats, more kill animations and other cool stuff while in free there will be none of these.


Can you guys please make the windows version free?


are you planning to make this free on windows?


you can make dectective he can kill everyone too but he must kill impostor

Great work on the new patch!  Just wanted to say something needs to be done about offensive names in the game.  Almost every game has someone named a racial slur.  



Hi! As a preface I've fallen in love with the game. I am a frequent host and I'm already missing the in-game kick/ban option.

 Too often I would rather kick a user who is deliberately playing wrong or cursing and move on with the group but they are now stuck ruining the game with troll speak and bad word workarounds (nonenglish characters etc). One kick/ban per game would even be enough. Two was helpful.

I also am a little disappointed at the removal of the proceed button.  As a host i used it to "dm" a little bit or control the basic flow of the  conversation and make sure everyone is done saying their piece before the voting results take effect.

I know these are 1 day old changes and  are unlikely to be switched back, but I hope alternate ways can be devised to nudge players in the right direction of thinking critically and playing the game the right way, as  well as other methods to mitigate the trolls.


can you PLEASE JUST PLEASE add a free  windows download


i was just on a server where someone spoiled avengers endgame and then the host couldnt kick him so if this could somehow be kicked that would be great

That sucks but it's even worse when the host abuses their powers and kicks you because you killed them or because you figured out they were imposter.  I'm happy it's gone.


so i was wondering maybe you could add a new sabotage for the impostor in the cafe where people need to run to it and close the doors from space if they don't it will get hard to move around like people get slower and bump into things like 0 gravity in space i'm surprised this isn't already a sabotage considering its in space i hope this is a thing and if it is i don't need credit

i hope it is a thing thank you for this amazing game!

well actually depletion of oxygen itself shuld do the space trick (which of course isn't how it works in the game). We don't need new stuff... Let's see how it goes


I really do like this update ans the added colors/colours but yesterday(before the update) when i played one game when i was the host there were people teaming with the impostor and wouldn't let the game end and i couldn't kick/ban them will you guys fix that problem? Thanks. 

Hey how do I change my name in the game?

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theres a bug in game!! If you press any number in O2 sabotage in admin the panel suddenly closes,  Pls fix it as soon as possible. Its ruining gameplay really badly.(the version i have is the one with cyan and lime the latest version)


We've already fixed and updated for this. (Version 2019.4.24.1) Sorry about that!


I amreally excited for the stats addition to the game. Im just one of those nerds that show off stats to their friends :D. Please add this, can wait.


just update your game your playing in the old update server... Idk why it didnt say update your game... But it works.

Please make it compatible with the app

You might need to update the itch app. I had an older version that didn't want to install Among Us, but after updating it was okay.

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Cool game!.I played it 2 days and its very cool! :)

But pls make the pc version free! I am compelled to play this game on NOX


just wanted to let you know about ways they are getting around cussing



There is a way to censor chat...but I agree the cussing needs to stop and it is really mean

yeah i agree my little sister 

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is learning bad stuff and she is nw swearing plz not show the cussing plz

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