New colors in 2019.4.24!

New Colors: Cyan and Lime

We spent a little extra time on this update to add some extra things we've been interested in for a while now. Many people have noticed the wallet picture with Cyan, who was removed before we released the game. But we brought them back with a new color Lime! Green might have gotten a little darker as well. :)

Stats Tracking

We also thought players might be interested in game stats. So you can find that on the main menu now. This is kind of a work in progress, we'll be listening to feedback on stats to add or remove.

In-Game Kicks and Bans

We're removing them. We get consistent complaints about hosts abusing kick/ban during games because they find the impostor or are discovered as impostor and don't want to lose. We tried reducing the number of kicks per game, but it usually only takes one to ruin a game, so this is the next step. Hosts will still be able to kick and ban in the lobby ship, but once the game starts, they will not be allowed. We'll be keeping a close eye on this to see how it goes.

Bug fixes

What would an update be without bug fixes? And this update improves lots of old, annoying bugs as well as includes a few balance fixes.

Big Changes

  • "Start reactor" remembers your progress when interrupted.
  • "Fix wires" doesn't always start in electricity room now.
  • Impostors can no longer do "Submit Scan" task.
  • Add 5 second meeting auto-proceed to online games.

Assorted Fixes

  • Fix hud issue after killing all dummies in freeplay.
  • Fix sample minigame not remembering which test tube is the anomaly
  • Fix various issues if entering/exiting vent when meeting starts
  • Reduce likelihood of lobby ship not despawning after game starts
  • Reduce likelihood of accidentally leaving game in joystick mode. (Mobile only)
  • Fix lobby not displaying max players correctly when less than 10.
  • Reduce likelihood of seeing test player spawning in.
  • Reduce likelihood of spawning outside of lobby.

That should be about it for this update. But we're still working on a new map, so check out our biggest spoiler yet! (Art may not be final) Check out our previous devlogs for more! And as always, keep up with us on Discord and Twitter!

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Lime is Mouse Fitzgerald.

Oh yea I have an idea (CUSTOM COLORS) oh plz add that 

yes! I want it to!

So about the skins pc players get all for free ok at least let one for mobile get one for free


It would be nice if you add some reward for winning, like adding coins to the game and add more skins and accesories so we can buy them if we save coins


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you should add some kind of price for winning. For exemple a free skin part, with drop chances, so there's still some kind of challenge

A friend list would also be awesome. So you can play with friends you met on the game.(like a "add friend" button) (no in-game chat or anything though, that would be easy cheat)

Hyped for the new map!

I agree with the friends list, but I feel like a reward for winning would make the game more competitive and lead to more cheating. There are already issue with people playing irl and cheating.

should add friends list, would make this game even better to have friends to play with easly

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On the next update you should add pink and rainbow suits. Also, you should add something that lets players make their own suits.  Also, add a escape pod room. Also, you should add a sprint bar and add 1st person view. Also add a sign that says the o2 savatoge code please.also let ghosts fix crisesis.

Deleted 5 years ago

Add a freind list to the game cause ive met a lot of players who are really cool


I'm so glad you guys removed the in-game banning.  Every other game the host would abuse this by kicking the imposter when they were killed or by kicking people that witnessed their kills when they were imposter.   I reached the point where I would only play by hosting a game to avoid this. 


i wish you can make a add friend cause i really need it then a full name of the players to serach and a private chat with friends and share code on message


I strongly disagree.   Playing with friends makes it exceptionally easy to cheat.   This game is a rare case where it's better experienced with randoms.


I do agree with first statement as correct as you are. As in become friends with people you like playing with that you still don’t know. As in you make a ‘friend’ in a game as they are fun to play with except you don’t know the person and have no intention of meeting them. Of that makes sense...?

umm... People can still create a room and join with a code still the same deal... But with freind systems you can meet people you met before again and  games are better when you play with someone that you have something in common. Cuz i also want freind systems i meet alot of intresting people but i would never see them again... Also a "report player" button include "playing together" as a punishable offense... Cuz many ppl cheat by playing together.

Umm... I realize that but facilitating it is probably a bad idea.   Report a player is sorely needed however as well as some screen name filtering.   Screen names currently seem to be a contest of who can be more vulgar or racist. 

When the O2 is depleted and we need to enter a code , if I click a number then the menu closes and i cant fix it . I’m on mobile , iPad .


i think its time for some more kill animations


You could add friendlist in the game.



Just noticed that if you walk  and click the settings button at the same time, you can let go of the walk button and still be walking in the direction you were in while the settings screen is up.

I love this game, and i have a question. Are these really people? Or are they something else perhaps, created for space travel. I can't help but notice how they don't have a proper body structure and explode on death. Obviously humans don't do this, so what is this? Ok, maybe i have a few more questions, but hey, the message did say leave a comment no? What are they doing out here specifically? I know they are in space, but what are they studying? Planets, stars, or perhaps the "imposter"? It seems unlikely that they just chanced upon this "impostor" or parasite, so where they looking for life? Last but not least, do the passengers of the ship know there is an imposter? They seem to have previous knowledge, so were they studying it? Did they receive info from the command center that will be this next map? Thank you if you have read this, and keep up this amazing game, i enjoy it very much.

Impostors are infected crewmates, read more about game.

They are there to retrieve data and travel through space like the task download and send data to headquarters which is where this map is probably at. Why are they downloading the data? The data is probably about the impostor, space and how they are running from an infected planet. It's shows why they have photos together. Like a family. Because the impostor is infected it could show that their planet has been destroyed and they are retrieving data of what they have seen and of any habitable planets close by. If this is HQ, they will take all their data to find new areas or spaceships. Hope this helps

more like corona, you should not get to the corona positive kill you