Bug fixes in Among Us 2018.9.6

Hey all!

No new content or features in this update, but it's still an important one. We fixed a lot of bugs that made playing Among Us harder. Here's what we fixed:

  • Sometimes when playing again, players spawn as the same color. The duped players can't both vote, creating a softlock during discussion.
  • Sometimes when the host is watching a mobile ad after playing again, it causes other players to be stuck before respawning.
  • Selecting 2+ Impostors for <5 players or 3+ Impostors for <6 players would cause the Impostors to instantly win.
    • 2 Impostors now requires 6+ players, 3 Impostors requires 8+ players.
  • Selecting 0 total tasks would cause the Crewmates to instantly win
    • If 0 total tasks are selected, the game defaults to 1 short task.
  • During discussion, ghosts could send chat messages, potentially giving away the impostor.
    • Ghosts can still read messages, but cannot send them anymore.
  • Impostor ghosts (when there are 2+ impostors) could kill players
    • Impostor ghosts cannot kill, but can still sabotage. We will be checking to see how this affects game balance.
  • Miscellaneous small bugs, like sabotage flashes continuing into discussion or being able to tap buttons through open menus.

As always, we're sure there are still bugs around. If you hit any, let us know on Twitter or Discord.

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