More sounds and kick/ban controls in Among Us!

Hey all!

I'm just going to hop straight into it this time. This update was intended to be entirely bug fixes, but we got a little carried away and added a bunch of new stuff too!

Ban Menu
After seeing people being rude or spamming in chat, we decide to give hosts the power to kick or ban players. Kicked players can rejoin before the game starts or after each round when everyone is in the lobby. Banned players will not be able to join the game they were banned from. This includes if the host who banned them leaves the game, but not if that host creates a new game.

These powers are only available when the chat screen is available and are meant to combat spamming and severe AFK. Please try to be respectful with your use of these or you might find people not joining your game when you host. :(

Doors and Sabotages
Doors were meant to control player movement and vision for making kills easier, but we found that you might get an easy, early win by delaying player movement towards the reactor sabotage, which is not in the sneaky, suspicious spirit of Among Us. So doors can no longer be closed after a sabotage has started, and sabotages can't be started with doors closed. 

New Sound Effects
We began putting more sounds in for online players and local players with headphones, but that was just the tip of the iceberg! Most panels now have sounds and there are now ambient effects in MedBay and Weapons. There are still buttons that don't boop and doors that don't slam, but the ship definitely feels more alive.

Bug Fixes

  • Certain kill animations had incorrect crewmate colors
  • The incorrect player would sometimes be voted off despite a consensus.
  • Triggering two meetings in quick succession could cause a softlock.
  • (PC Only) Admin's card swipe task would close sometimes when releasing the card.

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Can you add a player report function? This transpired in a lobby after i voted out the host (who was the impostor) holycheese:purple im the host. Me (Plague doc): And? holycheese: bye (You were banned from EWYJYQ. You cannot rejoin that room.)

So I have a question, If a person bans you from their game, will you be forever barred from entering a game with that ID forever, or is it just a more severe kick that after that game shuts down and a new game with the same ID is made you'll be able to join?

I am really starting to hate the game. i am always being banned for no reason in each match I am in. i never cuss i dont get mean or spam chat ect. I dont know if its because i am good at lying when im impostor or what but every game i am always banned for something i have never done

Same! I just got banned right now just because??? I didn't do anything and they banned me

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nazis spammed while I was hosting but couldnt kick because I was dead. Hosts should be able to kick when dead.

Update: Can't kick when playing with 9 or 10 people because kick button is over the text bar and would always open chat.

This is a serious flaw.

cheese sucks tho

better than idk a game

game is goood


yes ik this long ago but YES


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does not work if you are not og admin you will not see option