Hats?! In my version 2018.10.10?

Well, kinda.

The Bad News

It turns out that Itch.io doesn't have a good way of selling lots of little things, so only mobile players can buy hats* until either we release on Steam (at least a few weeks from now. We don't have the Steam page up yet.) or itch answers our pleas to add a better way for selling small DLC.

In related news, we had another outage on 10/10 caused by attempting to add IPv6 support, so we had to quickly release this version to update Among Us' online server. Everything was already tested, so there shouldn't be many extra bugs, but we are still trying to get Apple App Store approval so iOS is currently left unable to play. 

The Good News

We added other features than just hat and fixed a deep bug that would have caused some connection issues. (As well as other smaller bugs that hopefully you never noticed.)

Discussion Timer
We heard a lot of complaints that public games would go to discussion mode and some players would immediately vote instead of discussing. So we added an option to disable voting for the first 0-120 seconds (default: 15 seconds) of each meeting. Hopefully that helps.

Consistent Hosts
An issue whenever you want to play Among Us a particular way is that the first person to rejoin the lobby becomes the host, and thus controls the settings. So when the server went down, we took the time to change how rejoining works. Now the person who creates the room stays the host always until they leave. Everyone else must wait for the host to rejoin or leave before they can rejoin. If the host leaves, the next person who joined will become host.

Wrapping Up

We're now getting really close to being out of beta. We want to do seasonal hats and will continue to do bug fixes, but very little new content and features will be added from here until we take the game out of beta and call it complete. Thanks for playing and feel free to let us know how things are going on Discord or Twitter.


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Version 4 Oct 11, 2018
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Version 4 Oct 11, 2018

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me and my friend had lots of fun playing this! i hope you guys get more players on and add another map for bigger amount of players or smaller! this game is fun to play! 

Yep me to

Looks like they got more players lol