Gamebreaking fixes in Among Us 2018.10.16

Hey all,

This is a smaller update, but still has some big fixes, so here's a quick list of the important fixes.

  • When a player joined a game at the same time the host started, the joined player could get some weird behaviour. The easiest to see is that you don't get tasks, but it might also lead to overpopulation (>10 players in a game)
  • When two meetings start at the same time (by report or emergency), clients would see two meeting tablets. One of them would work, but the other would never close, often leading to a softlock.
  • General network stability. Players should notice fewer disconnects.

Also, as general note, we've had two more server outages, in the mornings of Oct 16th and 17th. These happened overnight when we're sleeping, so they last for longer than they really should, but with just one programmer, all we can really do is apologize, fix the bug that causes the server crash, and put the server back up. I'm also doing testing to improve the server without hitting a crash, but that's slow going without knowing every possible location for a bug.

We also added a couple new things:

  • We added an optional voting timer to limit meetings from 1-5 minutes (default: off). So hopefully kicking/banning due to AFK and stubbornness will be reduced.
  • We put the shop in the lobby's customize screen, so if you see a sweet hat or are tired of mobile ads, you can easily buy those things.

We're still on the tail end of Beta, so if you hit any bugs, please let us know on Twitter, Email, or Discord.


Among Us (Windows) 61 MB
Version 5 Oct 17, 2018
Among Us (Android) 76 MB
Version 5 Oct 17, 2018

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