Even more fixes for Among Us 2018.10.19

Hey all,

Another quick update with just bug fixes. This version is compatible with 2018.10.16, so we're rolling it out a little faster this time. Android and PC get it today and iOS will get it as soon as Apple approves. Until then, we won't force anyone to upgrade, but hosts with the newest version will cause fewer bugs. Speaking of bugs, here's the ones we fixed:

  • "Black screen of death" caused by joining a game when the host leaves
  • Couldn't scroll down enough in customize game to set short tasks
  • Local play only showed stars on rejoin or recreate
  • Free play would wouldn't showing tasks
  • (Mobile Only) Couldn't change name in local play menu.
  • Add "Waiting for Host" when joining a game that just ended.
  • Couldn't find a game after leaving/being kicked from a game.

All of these were reported in our Discord, and we're super thankful for that. So if  you find any more, let us know!


Among Us (Windows) 61 MB
Version 7 Oct 19, 2018
Among Us (Android) 76 MB
Version 7 Oct 19, 2018

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