Squashing Bugs in Among Us 2018.10.23

Hey all,

Just another quick update for Among Us with fixes for the bugs causing the most trouble. These are compatible with the previous version of Among Us, but since we're rolling out on all platforms, it won't be be long before we make them mandatory.

Here's what we fixed:

  • Exit Game on "Waiting For Host" is usable
  • Impostor and victim colors switched on tongue kill
  • Reduced occurrence of black screen softlock when starting game
  • Joining a started or full game no longer causes "Waiting For Host" popup
  • Fix hat angle when spawning in on right side of lobby

We are still in the last couple weeks of beta, so please let us know on Discord or Twitter if you hit any bugs.


Among Us (Windows) 61 MB
Version 8 Oct 25, 2018
Among Us (Android) 76 MB
Version 8 Oct 25, 2018

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