Balance Tweaks in Among Us 2018.10.29

Hey all,

First, we want to remind everyone that we're releasing to Steam at 9am PST on November 16th. You can wishlist it now and get a notification as soon as it comes out! The Steam version will be identical to the Itch version, but also have the ability to buy hats. Okay, back to business!

We keep rolling out these small, fast updates and it feels great! Hopefully you are all seeing the game be a bit more stable as well. This release has a big bug fix (for the black screen of death), as well as some game balance tweaks to hopefully see more task complete wins.

Recommended Settings

The one new feature is that the "Reset To Defaults" button in the game settings has become a "Recommended Settings" checkbox. When checked, this will automatically adjust the number of impostors and kill cooldown settings as players join to be what we think makes a good game for each number of players.

Resolution Options (PC Only)

I lied, there are two new features. PC users had to deal with weird resolution behaviors and undocumented Alt+Enter fullscreen, but no more! The options now has a tab for graphics settings that should end all of that.


  • Fix black screen of death
  • Skipped votes were ignored.
    • If most players voted skip, and the remaining players didn't tie, then the second most popular vote would have won.
  • Game settings don't sync right when the host changes
  • Name entry with join button for local games didn't work.
  • Garbage chute should get stuck less often.
  • Add steam sounds in engines
  • Add kill sound for impostor

Balance Adjustments

  • Reduce upload data from 12 to 8 seconds
    • We found this was a lot of boring wait time for a "short task".
  • Reduce fix wires from 4 to 3 stops.
    • Although this is an easy task, 4 stops made the consoles feel less random and created a lot of walking time.
  • Reduce inspect sample from 4 to 1 sample, but increase from 15 to 60 seconds.
    • This task was meant to be one you felt you could start and come back to, but 15 seconds wasn't really long enough to leave. Similarly, it's not a very exciting task, so needing to repeat it 4 times wasn't very fun.


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Version 9 Oct 28, 2018

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