Bug fixes for Among Us 2018.10.31

Hey everyone!

Haha, I'm pretty sad there isn't much spooky about our "Halloween release". But I did fix a bunch of bugs that no one saw or reported (like a ghost or a dead body, oooo!) Some of these have been around as long as the game has been released, but they just weren't important enough to fix. Others are just so stubborn that only after so long do I feel like it's finally fixed. Anyway, here they are:

  • Can no longer report bodies through doors
  • Fix unreportable dead bodies too close to wall
  • Really, definitely fix garbage task getting stuck
  • Fix doors being always full brightness
  • Fix broken impostor configurations
  • Fix indicator lights on comms radio task
  • Fix indicator lights on refuel engines task

Fixing little tiny bugs like this means we're really close to the end of beta now. We're getting to the point where some bugs that aren't hit often or just aren't hurting the game much might not be fixed. But if you see something severe, let us know on Twitter or Discord. Here's some bugs we know about:

  • Spawning outside the lobby
    • This has been happening for a long time. I have improved it a couple times, but it's persistent. At the end of the day, crewmates never seem to spawn outside the main ship, so it doesn't really hurt the game. Decent chance this won't be fixed.
  • Weird behaviour when kill and emergency happens
    • This are tough to recreate and I have improved them before, which makes them tougher. But it still happens. I'm still doing testing to try and find these bugs, but after a while, it won't be worth the time spent trying to fix it.
  • End game freezing
    • I think this is related to the ads player not loading ads quickly enough or something. I'm looking into it, but it might not be my bug to fix.

Reducing the amount of work we put into Among Us will really help us start on a new game which we've wanted to start as far back as June (when we first launched Among Us as local-multiplayer only), but haven't had time for. The goal is to get a playable demo really quickly, then share it with everyone to get feedback early and make a really great game that we can share as we develop.


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Version 10 Nov 02, 2018

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Hey, I have problem, I'm playing on mobile and when i kill someone I can't move or do anything. Can you please help me?

In Mira HQ as imposter, you can not vent in the vent behind the oxygen tank in the greenhouse. Also, if you go in there from another vent, you can not get out.

I found a glitch and this was the only place I could find to report the bug attached are screenshots of what happend. I was switching between crewmate and imposter always having imposter ability’s such as killing and sabataging but not venting. the other me also said and did things like another user.


cant open deletes its self

Do you have an antivirus that might be quarantining the game? I have heard Avast does not like Among Us.