Among Us Out of Beta and Pricing

Hey all!


Today is Among Us' last free PC release. On 11/16, when we release the Steam version, we will also begin charging $5 on, Kartridge, and Steam. The PC versions will also include all hats released prior to 11/16. Mobile versions will remain free with ads and $1 hats, but we're dropping the price of removing ads to $3.

We're changing our pricing around because as of last month, the Among Us servers have enough usage to start costing us money. Just a little bit right now, but we now feel comfortable marketing the game more heavily since the bugs aren't as bad. This might bring a lot more people in so we need to be able to pay for the server power.

New Update

We also noticed that we don't have a single way of communicating with all Among Us players, so we added an announcements section into the game itself. It'll only pop up when there's something new to read, but you can read the last message any time. And, of course, there's some bug fixes as well.

  • Improve how to play (especially for PC)
  • Fix random freeze when meeting starts
  • Fix black screen just before intro plays
  • Make spawning into stars less likely (Host sees it as player spawning in without a name)
  • Fix masking issue on "recommended settings" checkbox
  • Fix garbage task some more. Seriously, I think it's fixed this time.

Thanks so much for sticking with us as you've endured bugs, more bugs, server outages, and the same bugs (again?). We're glad we could make a game that you could keep playing and we're excited to make more games in the future. And if you hit and major issues even after we're fully released, be sure to let us know on Twitter or Discord.

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