Fixes in Among Us 2019.2.13

Hey all!

I'll keep this update short and quick, since it's mostly about bug fixes. We have been working hard on the new map, but while we have a general layout, there isn't really much to show. We've picked some fine translators who have also started working, but it will still be several weeks before we can put the text into the game.

Anyway, here are the major changes:

  • Medscan is no longer a common task. Fix Wires is now a common task.
    • This should really help the issue of players swarming medscan to determine who is safe. Common tasks were meant to give impostors places where they could likely find crewmates. We never intended for them to become an easy way to exclude the impostor. But we still like medscan, so making it a long task should reduce its visibility so it isn't game breaking.
  • Ghosts no longer get the 5 minute penalty for leaving.
    • Ideally, we want players to stay for the entire game. Ghost crewmates are still responsible for doing tasks, and ghost impostors can still sabotage to remain helpful. But we understand that some players don't enjoy playing as ghosts and until we can further improve that experience, it's not fair to penalize people who have played the game long enough to die.
  • Ghost impostors can no longer use vents.
  • Fixed graphical issues with medscan animation.
  • Fixed various issues related to players leaving mid-game.
    • This manifests in strange ways. For example, sometimes "Player 1 was An Impostor" shows up as "... The Impostor" in a game with multiple impostors. This is because other impostors have left the game, their "Am I Impostor" data was removed. The update keeps that kind of data around, so this is fixed.
    • A better example is when a player dies, they  leave behind a body. But if the dead player leaves before the body is reported, it shows up as calling an emergency meeting. There are lots of weird cases like this that should now be fixed.
  • Made ghosts a bit faster, so they can follow the action easier.
  • Fixed ghosts not showing on the game end screen.
  • Fixed Korean characters periodically showing up as boxes or bold.
  • Fixed non-ASCII characters for local game names.
  • Fixed text sizes on intro screen.
  • Fixed scrolling on Find Game screen.

That's about it. Hopefully you guys enjoy! If you wanna chat with us, remember our Discord and our Twitter.

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