Quick Patch for 2019.3.15!

Hey all!

Another quick update! We are still hard at work on the new map. Translation of Among Us into Korean, Portuguese, Spanish and Russian is mostly complete, but I haven't had much time to start putting it in the game yet, so it will still be a while. In the mean time, there were some pretty annoying bugs that needed to get fixed, so I wanted to get an update out even if it's small.

These fixes are out now for PC and Android, but we are still waiting for iOS approval. It should be in the next 24-48 hours.

  • Voting time can be adjusted in 30 second increments
  • Improved stability for local games (may improve online games too)
  • Fixed disconnect messages not always appearing.
  • Fixed a way to bypass intentional leaving penalty
  • Fix empty game list after failing to join a game
  • Fixed scrolling on find game screen
  • Fixed skin separating from crewmate when spawning on right side of lobby

Thanks again for sticking around and playing our game. We're getting really excited to show you the new map and all the hard work our translators have done.

PS: The crewmates are heading back to headquarters for the next map!


Among Us (Windows) 399 MB
Version 21 Mar 15, 2019
Among Us (Android) 520 MB
Version 19 Mar 15, 2019

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is this on play store? If not how do I get?


It's on the play store! You can also download it here on itch! Either is free for mobile (but hats and skins cost extra).