The fixes still rolling in with Among Us 2019.4.2

Hey all!

Hopefully Among Us will be able to update less after this update, but some bugs are really hard to fix, so we've been holding a weekly release cadence until things settle down.

  • No move bug should be even less frequent. (Sorry, it wasn't fixed last time. It's a tricky combination of bugs!)
  • Fix arrow not shrinking/disappearing when close to console
  • Fix oxygen sabotage task stuck at 0/2
  • No longer invisible when impostor jumps into a vent as a meeting starts
  • Fix sometimes not being able to open chat
  • Fix impostor sometimes not being able to kill

That should be it for this round! Thanks for playing, and feel free to drop by our Discord or Twitter! Sometimes we drop little spoilers about the new map in there!


Among Us (Windows) 219 MB
Version 26 Apr 03, 2019
Among Us (Android) 285 MB
Version 24 Apr 03, 2019

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