A few fixes for 2019.4.10!

Hey all!

Another quick, weekly update. Here's what's been fixed!

  • Fix crash after disconnect caused by app suspend
  • Leaving a disconnect popup open caused players to spawn outside map.
  • Reduced likelihood of duplicate colors, 11+/10 players, not spawning in, and several other strangely related bugs.
  • Improve duplicate name detection

We also had a partial outage today since one of our servers was dropping players like crazy. And since it had so few consistent players, the master server kept sending more players that way! :\ Sorry about that! It should be all better now!

As always, hope you like the fixes and drop by the Discord or Twitter and say hi!

PS. Discord gets first look at spoilers for the new map!


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Version 27 Apr 10, 2019
Among Us (Android) 285 MB
Version 25 Apr 10, 2019

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