New Hats in Among Us 2019.5.28!

Hey all!

Before I get to it, I just wanted to re-announce how excited we are for passing 1 million total downloads on PC, Android and iOS. This update has some bug fixes, but it also adds a new round of hats, both paid and free! 

There are 5 new free hats. And a new bundle of 8 hats for 3 USD. (Included for free in the PC version). Also, in the next version, we're planning on releasing pets! They are our third cosmetic option, and will only follow you around. Pets will be paid DLC for both PC and Android/iOS.

That's all for this post. Feel free to let us reach out to us here in the comments or on Twitter or Discord. Thanks for helping us get to 1 million downloads!

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Is there gonna be a mac version? I really wanna play this on my iMac

when you see the new update

Make crewmates have a chance to not die instantly and fight back pls

Also new map

Add  someone that  can talk to the dead

Hi, my name is Victor, but call me The Last Guest, I have a suggestion for you, please add a detective to the game, and please add a list of friends, and also add a button to save the game with three options: save by email, save by device, save by account in game and save by facebook, I beg

Add a friend list plz thank you

I wish that you can collect something instead buying with real money 😞

Deleted post

I play on android and i didn't get the 5 new free hats:/ why is that??

did you update your game?

You need to update your game in play store and relaunch the game thats what i do

Update your game

why cant the pc version be free too? ( im not begging i actually want to know)

PC version is on steam right?

if u buy it on steam they have all the skins unlocked



There will be class like night guard and leader?

No because they said in discord they want it simple