Bug fixes in Among Us 2019.6.12

Hey all!

This will be a short post since this update is very focused on bug fixes, but we are happy you all are liking the pets update so much! Our next focus is very much the two maps. One of which is planned for release near the end of July.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix some meeting consistency/voting bugs
  • Fix green hands in neck snap kill animation
  • Fix some in-game store bugs
  • Fix mini-crewmate coloring during kill animations
  • Fix missing names on intro screen when impostor
  • Fix intro text when impostor count is limited by play count
  • Make it harder to call an emergency meeting during a sabotage
  • Fix another bug allowing impostors to kill immediately as the game starts

That should be about it. Feel free to drop by our Discord or Twitter! Hope you enjoy and thanks for playing!

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Sometimes I think we need to ban among us cheaters all indians server are full of cheaters then go to Asia or else to play poor guys they need to switch server to play and they don't really uunderstand English much I saw them in Philippines server and English ban cheatersay cousin said it's about 260k dowload of cheat

found a game bug; in polus map i was running towards northeast then my character ran off out of my screen. I missed the emergency meeting (the tablet or screen didn't show, just the area my game bugged at, so i wasn't able to be part in the voting and discussion) then when it ran out of time, i spawn at the area where my character stopped running off to instead from the office table. Don't know the cause but hopefully this gets fixed cause i don't wanna miss a meeting. Overall thank you for making this game, it's been really fun this quarantine and I can't wait for Among Us 2!


You should add a ""sabatoge" where the impostors can see the foot prints of crewmates that would be cool


Theres a bug where everyone color that kills someone its replaced with dark green but except the hands will be the color its supposed to be so far that's the only thing that I encounter today hope ya fix it and the mini crewmate was a great idea it's so cute and tiny :]


Where do I do the update?

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For itch.io

There is still much bug like when impostor  want to kill color its pink its turn to dark green just the hands its pink..

Fix that please...