MIRA HQ Launched!

Hey all!

MIRA is ready to play! We created a new trailer to show it off!


  • A tightly packed headquarters roughly the size of The Skeld.
  • 8 new tasks!
  • A unique type of security system!
  • A new sabotage!
  • New door and vent mechanics!

It will cost 4 USD on Android, iOS and Steam, but there will be occasional free weekends on a schedule to be determined. Players in local mode can play the new map as long as the host owns it, while each player needs to purchase it separately to join or create games in online or freeplay modes.

Special Notes
We are aware of a bug on iOS that players cannot click the MIRA button in Find A Game. This is fixed in version 2019.8.8.1 on all other platforms, but iOS has a 24 hour approval process, so it will be fixed ASAP.

Itch.io doesn't support DLC purchases and has not responded to any of our feature requests. So if you own the itch.io PC version and would like to purchase pets or the new map, feel free to bother itch.io support (please be nice, though!) about enabling better DLC support for developers. In the meantime, if you would like a steam key so you can purchase the DLC there, email us at us@innersloth.com and we can help you out. Sorry we couldn't handle this mess any better way.

Also in this version

  • Partial Portuguese and Spanish translations!
    • They're pretty complete, but we know we've missed some spots. If something looks wrong or isn't translated, let us know!
  • Buff: Impostors can now fix their own sabotages!
  • Lots of fixes and improved connectivity!

That's all! This is a huge update for us and we really hope you like it!


Among Us (Windows) 455 MB
Version 37 Aug 08, 2019
Among Us (Android) 557 MB
Version 38 Aug 08, 2019

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I’m NEVER going to play Mira hq i like the skeld and polus


how do i download it cause i bought it and NOW i cant play it it doesnt let me and i have an apple laptop


you can only play on windows

it doesn’t worl on windows 8.1 8 7 Vista and XP 


Detalhes hoje teria q ser o dia do Mira de graça.... mas nao consigo pegar.... faço o que?


Hiya! I kind of want to get the new map, but I would like to hear some pros and cons from the community and players who have bought the DLC. Thanks in advance for any responses I recieve! :)


hey, innersloth there is a video that looks fake on youtube claiming to give your map for free, but the comments say it is a virus. You might be able to get it taken down. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r8XxqsWJUFU other people, dont follow what the video says, it is way to fishy!


Found a second channel with almost the same video, comments say that it is fake too.  Both channels look newly created, second link is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0J70VBxuBRw once again, unless innersloth confirms this is real, dont fall for scams like this!


Thanks for reporting these to us! They aren't real and they could even have viruses, we don't know! You can help by reporting them on YouTube as you see them. We will always communicate with players in-game or on our Innersloth social media channels.


I love the new map so much but there is also some bugs. You cant fix the wiring tasks or fix the lights sabotage. But other then that the game is still really fun.

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It's true, I'm not sure if this is a bug but when I'll fix the lights or the wires, I'm expelled from Task when I try to make any change, even the fact that you touch the screen in mobile devices


DetalhesI'm not rushing you or anything.  I came to report some bugs, me and other people are not able to do neither the wiring task nor the sabotage of light.  I only saw it if you find out something else, I'll be back here