Among Us and Innersloth in 2020

Hello everyone!

Sorry for the long silence. We tend to get very busy with friends and family near the end of the year, so it's tough to get updates and news out. But we hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday season and new year celebration!

In this post, we want to address as much about out future plans and goals as we can, so here goes!

Among Us
Among Us has had a very good run. We thought it was a completed game twice in the past as we came back to add online multiplayer and two new maps. But as of the Polus release, we're sure that Among Us is a complete game. There are always things that people want and things we could potential add, but Among Us was always intended to be a small game and we are just a team of three people with one programmer. So because we've already added a lot to a small game, the difficulty of adding new features and content is now very high. You all can see this difficulty in terms of bugs that seemingly never get fixed. Adding more things would undoubtedly add more bugs. So from now on, we are not adding more to Among Us. There will be a few bug-fix-only updates and a plan of price changes, then we will let Among Us take its natural course.

The Plan:

  1. We're reducing the price of MIRA and Polus today (Jan 6, 2020). They will be 2 dollars each.
    1. It may take some time for iOS or Android to reflect the change.
    2. Steam prices are not real-time and require approval, so check the price in cart before buying. I will fix the in-game price shown with an update.
  2. Polus will become free-to-join (just like MIRA) today as well.
  3. MIRA and Polus will become entirely free for all players starting June 11th, 2020.
    1. It won't be possible to get the MIRA and Polus exclusive skins after the maps are free.
  4. Mobile markets make changing the price of hats and skins difficult, so we won't be changing that at all.
  5. Among Us servers will stay running at least until 2021. Probably a lot longer.

All purchases made in Among Us will go towards keeping the servers running and us making new games, just like always.

Aemu is still working on Among Us and Henry Stickmin T-Shirts, a plush crewmate, and maybe some other small things. Her goal is to have them for sale and/or presale by the end of January. If you want to stay up to date on that, we recommend signing up for our email list. We haven't used the email list yet, but this seems like the perfect start. We'll also post about it here on and in our discord.

The Henry Stickmin Collection
PuffballsUnited has been full-time on The Henry Stickmin Collection (wishlist it now!) for a couple years now, and is over 2/3rds done. He recently made a blog post with more details here. But the short of it is that he's aiming for release in June 2020 (which he admits is a very optimistic schedule, so he might miss it) and it will be $15-20 on Steam. A mobile port might come some time after, but it will take a long time.

Future Games
You might have noticed there is a gap between the end of Among Us updates and the launch of The Henry Stickmin Collection. Since PuffballsUnited will be 100% focused on Henry Stickmin, Aemu and I hope to launch a small game ourselves in this time. I've got an idea that is hopefully small, but a little bit more interesting than "a time waster" game. It's too early to share a lot of details, but we know that it will be a single-player game with rogue-like elements called "Monty's Halls". We'll give some more teasers as soon as we can, but Among Us updates and Merch come first.

Once The Henry Stickmin Collection and Monty's Halls come out, hopefully we'll be in a good position to take a nice vacation, then start on a bigger game all three of us together. We're pretty excited about that and have a couple of really cool ideas for a game to do together. (But also some good vacation ideas too. :D)

Wrapping Up
That's about it for our plans in 2020. Completing a game like Among Us is really hard since we know players want so much more from it, but we hope that we can make some new games that excite you all just as much. And our goal is to start them knowing what is important to you all so it's not a problem to add cool content and features.

We hope that you all continue to enjoy Among Us even as we move on to new games. Feel free to drop us a line on Twitter or Discord about any of this or anything else.

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Boy, you got to release an course on how to build our own Among US for developers - e.g. on Udemy or your own (new?) learning platform.
Me and my son really love this game, and I (as a software developer - not really into games yet) would love to know how to build my own Among Us. Did you believe this is something you guys could explore further?

Meu jogo fica fechando sem eu nem ter entrado no lobby da tela inicial, isso tá muito chato. Tenho certeza que não é meu celular pois ele é bom, é bug

You know, i've not played Among Us, but it looks like a very fun game and there is a lot of potential in it! And there's one thing that can make the game relevant for a long time: Workshop. If you added a Workshop for people to create content, as hard as it seems, it will make the game very, very fun for long, although it needs a mod to make sure people aren't making inappropriate stuff, an official way for the community to make new maps, game modes, tasks, skins, etc. would be great!

(Btw i'm posting this here again because in the home page looked a bit weird)


Man, Among Us is a Amazing game, you'll like so much!!!

(2 edits)

Dear InnerSloth, all the players from Among Us are confused by Servers crashing like: "Forcibility disconnect from the server" and "Revalible packets" and when a player disconnect, appears his name and other name on the screen, but the other player isn't in the room, we would be happy if you could explain this to us and fix this...

Thank you so much for creating this Amazing game!

PS: And so many players are worried about "The end of Among Us" because they don't want to Among Us end, they want to Keep Playing, so, all of us would be happy if you could explain this with more details about "the servers of Among Us will be running at least 2021 or a probably longer" to us this is called "The end of Among Us"

Please Explain to us about the servers crashing and "The end of Among Us"...

Don't worry about "the end of Among Us". We are not ending Among Us. But we are moving on to create new games. There are just three of us making Among Us, and we can't work on it forever, but we want you all to keep playing as long as you want to.

"Forcibly disconnected from the server" and "Reliable Packets" are errors, not crashes. Sometimes player connections are at fault, but I will try to reduce these problems while I'm still updating Among Us.

We will keep the servers running normally until at least 2021. It's hard to promise longer than that, but we will likely run them longer than that. We will announce if we are stopping the servers and provide some alternative.

The servers sometimes have issues. I have fixed it this time, and I will always attempt to fix it as fast as I can.

But... i don't understand... what will happen when 2021 comes...? and how we going to play...?

Ps: there are my last questions ;)

Let's wait until 2021 to figure that out. :)

Until then, you can play Among Us normally.


O jogo é muito bom, mas ele não pode parar de atualizar :c


Skedoo skedeed
I wait for Deitied

Haha, someday. I didn't mention it because the plans aren't very concrete, but I haven't forgotten it. :)

Where were you when among us die?

I was eating pretzels when phone ring

"Among Us is kill"