Pets in Among Us 2019.6.7!

Hey all!

We're super excited to see what you guys think of the crewmates' pets! There are 5 pairs of pets, each 3 USD on all platforms.

We also want to remind everyone that we're still working on two new maps: Headquarters and Planetbase. Aemu gives out Headquarters spoilers in our Discord sometimes. And PuffballsUnited has been streaming Planetbase progress on the weekend. We don't have specific release dates, but they definitely won't be done for at least another month.

Also in this version are some really good fixes:

  • Fix player being unable to move after killing all dummies in freeplay.
  • Fix player not spawning in after hitting play again and seeing "Waiting for Host".
    • When this happens, the ship has spawned, but is just dark.
    • It also might fix the lobby not spawning in, allowing players to just run around in space.
  • Fix Black Tux turning into Police skin during gun kill animation.
  • Fix impostor being able to kill during the first seconds of a round.
  • Fix sabotage/kill cooldown shader.
  • Set default chat language based on detected OS language (new users only).

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Dear Innersloth, I quite recently bought Among us on Microsoft store. I bought The all in one pack. The 1st day was great but the 2nd day was bad, All the pets were missing apart from 4 pets. I would like you to help me, please. Thank you.

where do i go to get the pet cause it is not ingame

Hello Innersloth, I am goldiblox_playz. i have a problem. so i accidentaly uninstalled among us on my mac. I also purchased a pet, I just restored among us and now i need to buy my pet again. I got a mini crewmate, how can i get my pet back without paying. Please help me, i got this as a gift for my birthday i dont wanna lose it. ty



I agree players need pet rights also, now im not rushing you.
Since you all have one coder, that's valid but some input about the progress would be great?


I cant find the money button on the version of among us so I can buy pets

I dont have steam, and it wont work on my computer, so I really want the miny crewmate pet bundle on steam


how u buy pets


I cant find the money button on the version of among us so I can buy pets

I dont have steam, and it wont work on my computer, so I really want the miny crewmate pet bundle on steam


Same here, is there a way to get pets in the version?


How can i buy the full version of the game in my computer? can someone help me?

Hey! I love Among Us and I was wondering: If I buy a pet, can other people see my pet? Also can some people respond to this with bugs they experienced with a pet? I want to know if it is worthwhile to buy a pet bundle.


Yup! Other players can see your pet! We are aware that pets can get stuck inside walls, but it is rare, and if you walk away from the wall little , it will teleport to you.

Also, doesn't support IAP, so we unfortunately cannot offer pets on the PC version. We are working with to get this enabled.


Thanks! I got the bedcrab bundle and the lil brown one is really cute. If possible I will report bugs to you.

is it enabled now?

Can we get pets in now?

Love the game but I have noticed a bug. I dont know if it only works with the color of the person I choose, which is orange, but when ever pink does the kill by snapping my neck it shows that pink has green hands. And for green it shows they have pink hands. 

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Ummm... Where do I start? First of all, I AM NEVER THE IMPOSTER! Well yes, but no. I literally play 30 matches and still not become the imposter. It might be a glitch, it might be my unluckiness, who knows? 

Deleted 5 years ago

33 times I was crewmate in a row, even when I was playing the 2 imposter game mode. So if my math is correct, that's relative to the chances of not becoming imposter 66 times in a row on solo imposter mode. 

Also, I like 2 imposter mode because of the teamwork and not getting screwed over when being a solo, but 8 other cremates still doesn't feel like enough. Maybe have up to 12 crewmates for duos ( 2 crewmates) and 16 for trios (3 crewmates).  I'm stuck trying to find an equilibrium of amount of tasks to reward a skilled imposter. 

Nevertheless, great game

You can set some more tasks etc to balance the game

Have you become imposter yet? If not restart  your game or device

You should have people be unbanned if there is a new host. It's annoying having a really bad host ban me or someone, then when they leave I still cant join back.

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 Theres A Glitch (Texture Glitch) In this game!!! When I get killed by a imposter the killing animation shows a different color player has green hands when the skin is not green! FIX IT ITS WEIRD!!! Also another bug where my name is changed and skin color and I keep on teleporting around and there's two of the same name and I found out that me and the other guy's character is merged.



nope it happen to people u dummy

Ineersloth would be cool if, on some map,our avatar changed skin like a map in a destroyed city,our clothes would be soldiers,among it is in the ship,we are astronauts.

Are you suggesting that that's not their body? I am really worried about the anatomy of them.

NO i dont wanna change the skins but we can probably put clothes and keep the body the same right?

So astronauts with military uniforms over their astronaut suit.

Oi muito obrigado por um jogo tao bom por favor Dem recopeneas tipo send impostor 




It's not free for PC because you automatically get all skins and hats free for PC so that's why it costs money

why tho surely they could increase the fan base and money they make with paid dlc or a demo at least people like to play games before they buy them e.g. minecraft did and the amount of people who bought it knew what they were getting same with other game could they have a demo or tutorial at least? ( im not trying to be rude i generally want to know)



The mobile app is free, so basically that is a "tutorial" version. 

yes but some cant accesses that...any way it does matter that thanks for the chat tho



The people in your discord are so harsh and strict

Scru off boi nobody is strict we are curiouse

Ok so i am mobile on amoug us i cant find the pets where are they?

Ypu need to update bro

They in shop. Press the computer in lobby and select pets and then press the $$ sign

Go in game, go to where u Change your skin, go to clothes, on the top right of your character, hes in a box, press that circle in the box of the top right where ur characters are....

Or u need to update and figure it out


Hello again! Theres a bug in the game again that we can't vote the inposter and the crewmates. Please fix the bug. It wont let us vote. It shown that the player isn't dead and offline, i saw this glitch or bug so many times. Its like a cheat for imposter because we cant vote them out. Please for the next update that the bug will fix and please add a auto translate because theres lot of spanish words and people.

There are actually servers for different languages, and the Spanish, Latin people etc. are on the wrong servers. Kindly tell them to go on the right language server.

Hello! Soo yesterday  when i was play AU something weird is going on the lobby, its starting to glitch again and again and until we start the game, i was the imposter but i wasn't my name above my character's head and our name change switch and i cant get off my phone. Until it the game crash soo i cant turn off my phone soo i just fixed my phone today. Maybe its a virus or something idk. Please fix for the next update. 

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