Bug Fixes for Among Us 2019.7.4

Hey all!

I'm gonna make this quick since this is a quick update, but we're working very hard on bugs, maps, and translations. Here's how things are going!

  • Bugs are always top priority, especially server ones! But the bugs are usually very complicated now, so they take lots of time to fix.
  • Maps are still in progress! The headquarters is due to release near the end of July.
  • Translations are getting very close!
    • Spanish is 90% in the game.
    • Portuguese is about 75% in the game.
    • I hope to release both of these in the next update!

As for this update, it includes a couple nice features, but is mostly bug fixes. And it seems some of them didn't really get fixed...

  • Add countdown before starting game
  • Add game setting for cooldown between emergencies
  • Fix green body in neck snap kill animation :T
    • It seems this didn't actually get fixed :T
  • Fix width of end game victory title
  • Fix missing apostrophe in o2 sabotage
  • Fix miscoloring of victim's mini crewmate kill animations
  • Fix impostors being able to kill before the game starts

So that's it this time, as always, let us know how things are going in the comments, on Discord, or on Twitter! Thanks for playing!

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I have tried to find  a fix for this, but I can’t seem to do anything. I am on iOS and if you found a fix please reply 

can not see menu options 

pls fix

I try to start the game from my pc by steam, but it shows me the image and then the game closes, although if I try to use the beta version of the game it runs perfectly, so the problem is not my pc, I hope can fix it to be able to enjoy this game without problems in its full version.

I have the same exact problem. Let me know if you find a fix for it.

Whenever I startup the game it shows the the startup screen and stops working, I've redownloaded this game so many times. It wasn't like this a year or so ago when I firsg downloaded it...  I'm using a 1gb ram phone so please help me out.... I love this game

Whenever I try to play among us it just kicks me out of the game

My textures are buggy...

I have the version 2019.9.23s

Does this happen to anyone else?

Please,fix it,i can't play

No matter what I do...

No matter how many times I start all over again...

This annoying bug will always be here, here and here



mano o servidor sempre me expulsa de qualquer partida  isso ja ta ficando chato o jogo e maravilhoso mais o servidor sempre me expulsa


these two mistakes keep happening to me please help me

Porque da esse problema no meu amoung us,alguem me ajuda pfv. Eu ja atualizei pra versao mais recente na play store , mas smp q eu sou o impostor da esse problema. :( Pfvvvv

The game will always look like this after a while, and you can uninstall it and install it again, but it's a little faster if you go into the app settings and erase all data to start from scratch

"you desconected from the server sent 6 pings " among us v2019.7.4s I can not play because of that tidy up soon! thank you if you could fix this at once have a nice day

All these bugs that you are saying have already happened to me, but not very often


Hey, can someone help me?? I'm disconnected every moment if I try to start a game...

with me the same thing


Pessoal, eu não consigo mais jogar entre Nós, sempre com o erro na tela. Por favor consertem, eu gosto muito desse jogo. Obs: Sou do Brasil.


Comigo também esta assim


comigo também estava assim aí eu desinstalei e instalei e funcionou

(1 edit) (+1)

Guys, you need to see this.  Among Us it failed while I was playing! Seriously, I did not edit anything!

What happened?

That was when I finished a match, and that error occurred on the game title screen


That happened to me too!

(1 edit)

I'm here reporting a strange bug that happened in a brazilian server, where I was dead a few minutes ago, but a meeting was summoned in my name and the game did not show that I was dead

Error for disconect im braziliam a im sad im love your game pleas descotruir its error

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